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CD-ROM errors
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1992 CD-ROM

disc 1J
DOS software [EXE, 244 KB] (eliminates runtime error - r6003 divide by zero message)
The GO92 DOS software on the CD-ROM (CD-EC92-1J) did not allow users to print tables showing Sources of Receipts or Revenue for Service Industries or Revenue Lines for Transportation, Communication and Utilities Industries.

disc 2B
DOS software [EXE, 228 KB] (eliminates runtime error - r6003 divide by zero message)

Also, previous versions of both discs 1J and 2B did not allow users to run the software if their CD-ROM drive was not a root-level directory. The root directory of the CD-ROM could be addressed by D:\. It could not be addressed by D:\CD_ROOT.

To run the revised software, type GO92 [d] (without the brackets), where [d] is the letter for your CD-ROM drive; then press the Enter key. Users who have placed the CD-ROM on a LAN should type GO92 [d] LAN.

Commodity Flow Survey


DOS software [EXE, 231 KB] (eliminates runtime error - r6003 divide by zero error message) for CD-ROM

Version 1.2 - On the first two CD-ROMs (CD-CFS-93-1 and CD-CFS-93-2), the copy function will cause the software to deactivate if all geographic origins are selected. Version 1.2 corrects this. It may be used with either of the two CD-ROMs. There was also an adjustment made for the first CD-ROM only which is included in Version 1.2. See description of Version 1.1 below for details.

Version 1.1 - On the States CD-ROM (Disc 1 of 3), the copy function will not allow users to select Alabama as one of the geographic origins for which to copy data. This is corrected by the new software version.

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