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Software Printing Problems

File output

The quickest solution is to try printing to a file instead of the printer. You will need to include the file path as part of the file name. The software will create an ASCII text file with a file name extension of PRN.

Printer output

No print settings can be changed from within the software on disc. It automatically sends printer output to LPT1: . If you are running Windows, carefully check your Windows print settings. If you have a local printer, make sure that it is associated with LPT1:. If you don't have any printer associated with LPT1:, you will get an error message.

If the disc contains both DOS and Windows programs, you may want to try printing from both to aid in troubleshooting. Also try Shift-PrintScreen. Check your print queue(s) for the print jobs.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Administrative and Customer Services Division | (301) 763-7710 |  Last Revised: February 13, 2013