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Statistical Compendia data products

Census Catalog and Guide

The off-line HTML document browser on the CD-ROM has a built-in search engine. It can be used to display a list of documents whose contents and/or filenames contain one or more keywords.

Click on File, then Find File to activate the search engine.

County and City Data Book

DOS software [ZIP, 282 KB] (corrects runtime error - R6003 divide by zero message)

Statistical Abstract of the United States

Viewing Statistical Abstract PDF files

The Statistical Abstract files are in Adobe Acrobat Reader (tm) format (PDF). They contain links to spreadsheets (also on the disc).

Welcome.PDF contains the Table of Contents and is the "home page". For some editions later than 1997, this file is named CONTENTS.PDF.

Creating a shortcut to the file Welcome.PDF:

  1. Right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose 'New'
  2. Choose 'Shortcut'
  3. Type the command line [letter of cd-drive]:\Welcome.PDF i.e. E:\WELCOME.PDF
  4. Click Finish

This will create a Shortcut to the Welcome.PDF file and keep all of the attributes associated with it; searching and the links. An error message will occur if the shortcut is activated when the 1997 Statistical Abstract CD-ROM is not in the CD drive.

Also, trying to create a shortcut by copying Welcome.PDF to the desktop does not work. All of the relative linking and indexing will be lost and no other PDF can be accessed.

Creating this Shortcut does not disable the AutoPlay feature built in to the 1997 Statistical Abstract CD-ROM. The Installation screen will continue to pop up when the disc is inserted into a CD drive.

USA Counties

Technical documentation [ZIP, 470 KB] (Windows help file format)
Windows XP software [ZIP, 95K]
Windows 2000 software [ZIP, 116K]
This version fixes 'runtime error 6 message' when using the Copy function (to output file). Copy the software update (after uncompressing it) to C:\Program Files\USA_Counties_1998 (if default drive and path were accepted during installation).

DOS software [EXE, 234 KB]
Windows software [EXE, 117 KB]
Datafiles [EXE, 3.03 MB]

DOS software [EXE, 216 KB]

Version May 1995
This version replaces the previous version, December 1994. The "Print 1 Item for several geographic areas" option has been fixed. Also when creating TD for a "copy file," some descriptions were not included in the December version. This too has been fixed.

DOS software [EXE, 210 KB]

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