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USA Counties 1996

September 1997

Download DOS software 08/26/1998

The latest version of the software fixes the error associated with the COPY function. An error occured when a user extracted records for all Metropolitan Areas.

January 1997

The U.S.A. Counties 1996 CD-ROM data files require minor revisions. You can download the latest versions of the DOS and Windows software to access the corrected data from the TechTalk page. Also available are the corrected data files. Each down-loadable file is a self-extracting files containing a readme file, new software files, (or data datafiles).

The data files that require minor revisions are:

Table - Banking
record #1499, Washington, MS (28151)
record #1500, Wayne, MS (28153)

Table - Business, Private Nonfarm
record #1054, Hancock, KY (21091)

Table - Earnings, Selected Industries...
record #2084, Belmont, OH (39013)

Table - Government Earnings...
record #2725, Mason,TX ( 48319)

Table - Labor Force ... BLS
record #2454, Perkins, SD(46105)

Table - Manufactures
record #999, Thomas, KS (20193)
record #2364, Calhoun, SC (45017)
record # 2623, Dawson, TX (48115)

Table - Vital Statistics
record #2424, Edmunds, SD (46045)

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