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Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey - Discontinued

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Table 1. 1997 Microdata
File Size (kb)
Program Documentation PDF 166 Provides background information about the survey, supplies information on how to use the products listed above, and notes all changes to the survey that may impact comparability from year to year.
Microdata (SAS) ZIP 13,794

Contains individual data records masked to avoid disclosure.

Microdata (Text) ZIP 7,590 Contains individual data records masked to avoid disclosure.
Data Dictionary PDF 154 Provides a listing of each variable, description of variable, question asked to obtain data (if appropriate), applicable universe, and valid responses.
Sample Size and Response Rates MS Excel 90 Provides the sample size and response rate for the United States, each state, and the District of Columbia for each year. [Select the 1997 worksheet.]
Variables MS Excel 119 Provides a list of each variable and field type (numeric or character) by year. [Select the 1997 worksheet.]
Comparability MS Excel 707 Provides comparability between each survey year by variable and valid responses. [Select the 1997 worksheet.]

Disclaimer: Data users should take into account the magnitude of "Not Reported" categories when assessing estimates computed using microdata. Individuals who use the microdata to create estimates not published by the Census Bureau should cite the Census Bureau as the source of only the microdata used, not as the source of the new estimates.


The following files are in PDF format.
Table 2. 1997 Publications
State Publication Pages File Size (bytes) Fast Facts
United States [PDF] EC97TV-US 86 2,324,618 U.S. Facts
Alabama [PDF] EC97TV-AL 12 116,962 AL Facts
Alaska [PDF] EC97TV-AK 12 104,269 AK Facts
Arizona [PDF] EC97TV-AZ 12 116,576 AZ Facts
Arkansas [PDF] EC97TV-AR 12 99,799 AR Facts
California [PDF] EC97TV-CA 12 115,294 CA Facts
Colorado [PDF] EC97TV-CO 12 115.191 CO Facts
Connecticut [PDF] EC97TV-CT 12 117,472 CT Facts
Delaware [PDF] EC97TV-DE 12 104,723 DE Facts
District of Columbia [PDF] EC97TV-DC 12 103,087 DC Facts
Florida [PDF] EC97TV-FL 12 114,537 FL Facts
Georgia [PDF] EC97TV-GA 12 114,758 GA Facts
Hawaii [PDF] EC97TV-HI 12 114,834 HI Facts
Idaho [PDF] EC97TV-ID 12 115,051 ID Facts
Illinois [PDF] EC97TV-IL 12 117,595 IL Facts
Indiana [PDF] EC97TV-IN 12 117,889 IN Facts
Iowa [PDF] EC97TV-IA 12 114,455 IA Facts
Kansas [PDF] EC97TV-KS 12 108,361 KS Facts
Kentucky [PDF] EC97TV-KY 12 116,775 KY Facts
Louisiana [PDF] EC97TV-LA 12 104,050 LA Facts
Maine [PDF] EC97TV-ME 12 90,871 ME Facts
Maryland [PDF] EC97TV-MD 12 113,986 MD Facts
Massachusetts [PDF] EC97TV-MA 12 113,994 MA Facts
Michigan [PDF] EC97TV-MI 12 100,825 MI Facts
Minnesota [PDF] EC97TV-MN 12 101,007 MN Facts
Mississippi [PDF] EC97TV-MS 12 114,594 MS Facts
Missouri [PDF] EC97TV-MO 12 105,702 MO Facts
Montana [PDF] EC97TV-MT 12 99,914 MT Facts
Nebraska [PDF] EC97TV-NE 12 114,334 NE Facts
Nevada [PDF] EC97TV-NV 12 113,761 NV Facts
New Hampshire [PDF] EC97TV-NH 12 113,950 NH Facts
New Jersey [PDF] EC97TV-NJ 12 114,724 NJ Facts
New Mexico [PDF] EC97TV-NM 12 113,955 NM Facts
New York [PDF] EC97TV-NY 12 115,819 NY Facts
North Carolina [PDF] EC97TV-NC 12 106,021 NC Facts
North Dakota [PDF] EC97TV-ND 12 117,340 ND Facts
Ohio [PDF] EC97TV-OH 12 114,944 OH Facts
Oklahoma [PDF] EC97TV-OK 12 114,882 OK Facts
Oregon [PDF] EC97TV-OR 12 115,924 OR Facts
Pennsylvania [PDF] EC97TV-PA 12 101,539 PA Facts
Rhode Island [PDF] EC97TV-RI 12 117,374 RI Facts
South Carolina [PDF] EC97TV-SC 12 105,386 SC Facts
South Dakota [PDF] EC97TV-SD 12 107,892 SD Facts
Tennessee [PDF] EC97TV-TN 12 119,225 TN Facts
Texas [PDF] EC97TV-TX 12 115,061 TX Facts
Utah [PDF] EC97TV-UT 12 114,914 UT Facts
Vermont [PDF] EC97TV-VT 12 116,601 VT Facts
Virginia [PDF] EC97TV-VA 12 107,840 VA Facts
Washington [PDF] EC97TV-WA 12 117,913 WA Facts
West Virginia [PDF] EC97TV-WV 12 99,859 WV Facts
Wisconsin [PDF] EC97TV-WI 12 115,390 WI Facts
Wyoming [PDF] EC97TV-WY 12 114,486 WY Facts

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