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Working Papers

Working Paper
Historical and Projected Gains to Life Expectancy, 1960-2060
This poster examines projected life expectancy in the United States and explores differences between the native and foreign-born populations.

Working Paper
Assessing the “Year of Naturalization” Data in the ACS
This paper uses data from the 2011 ACS to determine the characteristics associated with naturalized citizens reporting the year they naturalized.

Working Paper
Language Projections: 2010 to 2020
This paper presents projections of what the population speaking a language other than English might look like in 2020.

Working Paper
Selected Characteristics of Baby Boomers 42 to 60 Years Old in 2006
This age and sex report contains information about baby boomers.

Working Paper
United States Population Projections: 2000 to 2050
Over the next four decades, the U.S. is expected to experience rapid growth in its older population and a large increase in racial and ethnic diversity.

Working Paper
Variations in State Mortality From 1960 to 1990
This paper assesses trends in mortality levels as indicated by changes in state life expectancy at birth and at age 65 from 1960 to 1990.

Working Paper
Evaluating Forecast Error in State Population Projections
In this study, Census 2000 counts are used to measure forecast error in projections for April 1, 2000.

Working Paper
Evaluation of Census Bureau’s 1995-2025 State Population Projections
The purpose of the paper is to evaluate the Census Bureau’s state population projections for the years 1995-2025.

Working Paper
Accuracy of the U.S. Census Bureau National Population Projections
This paper evaluates the accuracy of Census Bureau population forecasts using an ex-post facto approach.

Working Paper
Educational Attainment Projections of the U.S. Population
This paper includes projections of educational attainment for the U.S. population aged 25 and above to the year 2025.

Working Paper
Methodology and Assumptions for the Population Projections: 1999-2100
This working paper discusses the methodology and assumptions used to develop the recently released projections of the population of US from 1999 to 2100.

Working Paper
Population Projections for States: 1995 to 2025
This Population Projections for States: 1995 to 2025 publilcation displays information on Population Projections.

Working Paper
State Population Ranking Summary:1995 and 2025
These State Population Ranking Summary for selected topic areas: 1995 and 2025 display information on Population Projections.

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