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Census Bureau Reports 50 Percent of Census Forms Have Been Mailed Back


The Census Bureau reported today that 50 percent of Census 2000 forms have been returned, according to the latest "initial response rates" published by the Census Bureau.

States setting the pace in census mail responses include Ohio (58 percent), Nebraska, Michigan, Pennsylvania (all at 57 percent), and Iowa and Massachusetts (56 percent).

"Although I am very pleased to report these rates today, we still have many more responses to go before," said Census Bureau Director Kenneth Prewitt.

Daily release of the response rates, which started last Monday and will continue through April 11, cover state and local jurisdictions that are mailing back their census forms — about 39,000 governmental entities. Prewitt has challenged states, local and tribal governments to surpass 1990 mail response rates by at least 5 percentage points as part of a promotional campaign, How America Knows What America Needs.

The Census Bureau also is reporting today that 322 jurisdictions have met the How America Knows What American Needs target.

"The census is as important to our nation as highways and telephone lines. It's how America knows what America needs," added Prewitt. "It will provide the data that will help target more than $2 trillion in federal funds during the next decade for schools, employment services, housing assistance, hospital services, programs for the elderly and much more."

To review the daily initial response rates, visit the Census Bureau's Web site at <>. For questions relating to filling out the form, please call 1-800-471-9424.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Public Information Office | | Last Revised: September 09, 2014