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Find additional information and frequently asked questions about the Census Survey Explorer.
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About the Census Survey Explorer

No matter what your experience level is, the Census Survey Explorer is a useful tool to help discover which survey may have the information you need. Use the dropdown lists to select geographies, frequencies, topics, or subtopics you are interested in or use the search bar to find a survey based on a keyword.

The filters you select are displayed. To clear all the filters and start a new search, click on “Reset Search.”

Clicking on a program or survey listing will take you to its respective website where you can find more information about the program/survey such as links to data tools, data tables, contact information, respondent information, news releases, and more.

What makes the Census Survey Explorer unique is that it is a reference for all our surveys/censuses in one place and a guide that can help you figure out if there is data available and where it may be found across all of the Census Bureau’s surveys and censuses.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why does the search bar not produce the survey results I would expect?

The search bar works best when using specific keywords only found in in this tool. It is not able to function as a traditional search engine. It is sensitive to spelling. Please use the all the guidance pages for suggested search terminology.

Why can I not find my specific state (ex. Maryland)?

Please use the geographies dropdown filter, select “State”, click on to your survey of interest, and then access data from there or using our data tools.

Where can I find Decennial data for previous year data not available in data.census.gov or other Census data tools?

You can visit the Decennial Census by the Decade webpage to view and access previous Decennial Census data and information.

Why doesn’t a particular survey or program appear when selecting certain topics/subtopics I know were part of a survey?

Many surveys and programs have changed over time. The Census Survey Explorer only provides filters for current topics/subtopics related to a particular survey or program.

Now that I know what survey(s) have the data I am looking for, where do I go to find the data?

You can visit the survey webpage directly by clicking on a survey name or you can visit our Data Tools and Apps webpage. Not all surveys publish their data the same way. Some survey webpages will direct you to the appropriate data tool(s) and others will provide direct links to data tables (csv files), reports, and more.

Can I select multiple boxes at a time?

Yes! You can select multiple selections within a dropdown list as well as across multiple dropdowns. For example, you can select "national" and "state" geographies as well as "economic" and "business" topics.

How do I know what topic terms to use when I search?

We provided a list of available subtopics for you to use while using the subtopic dropdown or the search bar. The search bar can find words in the survey descriptions. Please use the topics page for guidance. For example, if you use the search bar for the term “car” it may not pull up all the applicable surveys, but the topics page informs you that the subtopic “vehicle” is the best subtopic term to use to find the most applicable surveys.

How do I use the topics and subtopics dropdowns?

Subtopics are categorized under five broad topics, which represent the types of surveys we conduct. Topics are broad and will allow you to see the most survey options across these high-level categories and the many subtopics within them. Subtopics are very specific and allow you to see which primary topics a subtopic can be found in. When selecting the same topic and subtopic choices, the order you select them in should yield the same results when both topic and subtopic are selected, but depending on the research needs and interests, it may be helpful to select one method or the other. To use the Census Survey Explorer by subtopic or topic, select your choice(s) in the subtopic dropdowns or type into the search bar to find the survey(s) that has your subject matter of interest. See Topics and Subtopics for more guidance.

What do I do if I don’t see the geography I need in the dropdown?

There are many geographies, if you cannot find your geography, select “Other” and try to use other filters, such as topic and subtopics, to narrow your search. See the geography guidance page what geographies were included under “Other” (for example, Tract, Block, School District, etc.)

Why can't I find data for all the years of a survey?

Some surveys have been changed or combined into other program areas over time and therefore, only the most recent data is available.

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