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Foreign Trade

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1-10 HS 10-digit harmonized commodity classification code (HTSUSA number).
11-14 COUNTRY 4-digit country of origin code (Schedule C).

2-digit country subcode.
- '00' = Country of origin
- '01' = Country of shipment, country of origin unknown
- 'A' = All Developing Beneficiary Countries; Eligible for All Articles (GSP)
- 'A*' = Certain Develping Beneficiary
Countries; Not Eligible for Specific Articles (GSP)
- 'A+' = All Least Develped Beneficiary
Countries; Eligible for All Articles (GSP)
- 'AU' = Australia
- 'B' = Automotive Products Trade Act (APTA)
- 'C' = Agreement on Trade in Civil Aircraft
- 'CA' = NAFTA goods marked as Canada
- 'CL' = Products of Chile under designated
provision of the HTSUSA (New 01/2004)
- 'D' = African Growth and Opportunity Act (New 01/2001)
- 'E' = All articles elibible under designated provision of the HTSUSA (CBI)
- 'E*' = Articles or specific countries not eligible under the designated provision of the
- 'IL' = Israel Free Trade Area Implementation Act
- 'J' = Articles eligible from beneficiary countries under provision of the HTUSA (ATPA)
- 'J*' = Articles eligible from beneficiary countries under provision of the HTUSA with
- 'J+' = Articles elsibible from beneficiary countries under provision of the HTSUSA (ATPA)
- 'JO' = Jordon free Trade Act of 2002
- 'K' = Agreement on Trade in Pharmaceutical Products
- 'L' = Concessions on Intermediate Chemicals for Dyes
- 'MX' = NAFTA goods marked as Mexico
- 'N' = Duty-free code for West Bank and Gaza Strip
- 'R' = Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (New 01/2001)
- 'SG' = Products of Singapore under designated provision of the HTSUSA (New 01/2004)
- 'W' = Puerto Rican product under
Customs and Trade Act of 1990
- 'Z' = Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia Compact of Free Association Act

17-18 DISTRICT ENTRY 2-digit Customs district of entry code (Schedule D)
19-20 DISTRICT UNLADING 2-digit Customs district of unlading code (Schedule D).
21-22 RATE PROVISION 2-digit rate provision code.
- '00' = Item entered into warehouse or foreign trade zone, duty not applicable
- '10','11','13','14','16','17','18' or '19' = Free Rate Provisions
- '61' = "General" rates apply
- '62' = "Column 2" rates apply
- '64' = "Special" NAFTA, Israel or ATPA trade agreement rates
- '69' = Chapter 99 rates apply - duty reported
- '70' = Various or special rates prescribed in rates of duty columns of HTSUSA chapters 01-97
- '79' = Chapter 99 rates apply - no duty reported
23-24 STAT_MO 2-digit statistical month.
25 FILLER 1-digit filler
26-33 CARD COUNT 8-digit numeric record count.
34-45 CONSUMPTION QTY1 12-digit numeric consumption primary quantity.
46-57 CONSUMPTION QTY2 12-digit numeric consumption secondary quantity.
58-69 CONSUMPTION VALUE 12-digit numeric consumption Customs value (in dollars).
70-81 DUTY VALUE 12-digit numeric dutiable (in dollars).
82-93 DUTY 12-digit numeric import duty.
94-105 CONSUMPTION CHARGES 12-digit numeric consumption aggregate charges (in dollars).
106-117 CONSUMPTION CIF 12-digit numeric consumption cost, insurance and freight.
118-129 GENERAL QTY1 12-digit numeric general primary quantity.
130-141 GENERAL QTY2 12-digit numeric general secondary quantity.
142-153 GENERAL VALUE 12-digit numeric general Customs value (in dollars).
154-165 GENERAL CHARGES 12-digit numeric general aggregate charges (in dollars).
166-177 GENERAL CIF 12-digit numeric general cost, insurance and freight.
178-189 VESSEL VALUE 12-digit numeric vessel Customs value (in dollars).
190-201 VESSEL SHIP WEIGHT 12-digit numeric vessel shipping weight (in kilograms).
202-213 VESSEL CHARGES 12-digit numeric vessel aggregate charges (in dollars).
214-225 AIR VALUE 12-digit numeric air Customs value (in dollars).
226-237 AIR SHIP WEIGHT 12-digit numeric air shipping weight (in kilograms).
238-249 AIR CHARGES 12-digit numeric air aggregate charges (in dollars).
250-253 STAT_YEAR 4-digit statistical year.

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