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Dirk Soma

President of the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC)

Dirk N. Soma is the current President of the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC) and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2003.

Founded in 1974, the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce strives to encourage and promote the interests of Native Hawaiians engaged in business and the professions. NHCC members participate in a variety of areas, including economic, social and public affairs.

The NHCC's mission is “to strengthen Native Hawaiian businesses and professions by building on the foundation of relationships, resources and Hawaiian values: Aloha, `Imi `ike, Lōkahi, Pono, 'Ha`a ha`a, `A`a, Ala ka`ina, Po'okela, Ho`okō and, Ha`aheo.”

Mr. Soma is the founder of Kulia Career Development Services (KCDS) and DNS Consultants. KCDS provides individual and group education and career planning services within the Hawaiian and other indigenous communities across the globe, while DNS Consultants focuses on economic development projects within the Hawaiian community. Currently, Mr. Soma serves as the Manager for Community Outreach for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Mr. Soma also serves as the President of the Hawai`i Association for Career and Technical Education, the Board of Directors of the University of Hawaii School of Travel Industry Management International Alumni Association, and the Education Chair for the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs.

Born in Waimea, Kaua`i and raised in Aliamanu, O`ahu, Dirk now resides within the Kalawahine Streamside Hawaiian Homestead with his wife, Rachel and his two children, Noel and Cole. Dirk is a graduate of the Kamehameha Schools and received a BBA in Travel Industry Management and a Master's of Professional Studies in TIM from the University of Hawai`i — Manoa.

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