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Census Bureau Releases Next Round of Census 2000 Data for Up to 249 Race/Ethnic Groups in District of Columbia

The U.S. Commerce Department's Census Bureau today released basic demographic data for up to 249 race and ethnic groups down to the census tract level in District of Columbia.

Summary File 2 (SF2) consists of 36 population and 11 housing tables. Each shows data for the total population in a particular geographic area, such as counties, county subdivisions, places, census tracts, state parts of American Indian and Alaska Native areas, tribal subdivisions, metropolitan areas and Hawaiian home lands.

Each table is iterated for as many as 132 race groups (e.g., Taiwanese, Melanesian), 78 American Indian and Alaska Native tribal categories (e.g., Apache alone, Choctaw alone) and 39 Hispanic or Latino groups (e.g., Ecuadorian, Guatemalan). (Please note that the listed examples may not be shown for all states.)

Population subjects covered include age, sex, household relationship and household type. The data for occupied housing units include tenure (whether the unit is owner- or renter-occupied), household size and age of householder. SF2 is a compilation of 100 percent data taken from the questions asked of all people and about every housing unit as of April 1, 2000.

Data will be released on a flow basis by state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. A weekly release schedule may be viewed on the Census Bureau's Web site at <>.

As the data for each state are released, a set of compressed ASCII files will be made available for downloading from the Census Bureau's FTP server <>. The data also will be available through the Census Bureau's search-and-retrieval database, American FactFinder® <>.

Finally, SF2 may be obtained on recordable CD-ROMs, which do not have software. At a later date, CD-ROMs with a proprietary data format and software will be available. When all states have been released, the entire file will be put on one or two DVDs. The CDs and DVDs are sold by the Census Bureau's Customer Service Center. For information about ordering Census 2000 products, contact the Customer Services Center on 301-457-4100 or e-mail <>.

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