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Detailed Census 2000 Race and Ethnic Data Released for New Mexico

The U.S. Census Bureau today released 323 tables of Census 2000 social, economic and housing characteristics for race and ethnic groups in New Mexico. Containing statistical summaries for areas as small as census tracts, it is the largest and most detailed of census files.

The SF4 data released today are based on responses to the 52-item census long-form questionnaire delivered to a 1-in-6 sample of the nation's households, or about 19 million.

Each table is iterated for up to 336 groups: total population, 132 race groups, 78 American Indian and Alaska native categories (reflecting 39 individual tribes), 39 Hispanic or Latino groups and 86 ancestry groups.

The 213 population tables cover subjects such as marital status, grandparents as caregivers, language and ability to speak English, ancestry, place of birth, citizenship status and year of entry, migration, place of work, commute to work, school enrollment and educational attainment, veterans, disability, and employment status, industry, occupation, class of worker, income and poverty status.

A new table shows population by sex by voting age and by citizenship status, to the census tract level for any of the race or ethnic categories that meet minimum population confidentiality thresholds.

The 110 housing tables include data on number of rooms, number of bedrooms, year moved into unit, household size and occupants per room, units in structure, year structure built, heating fuel, telephone service, plumbing and kitchen facilities, vehicles available, value of home, monthly rent and shelter costs.

Tables are available by state, county, county subdivision, place and census tract. Tables also are shown for state parts of American Indian and Alaska native areas, Hawaiian home lands, metropolitan areas and urban areas.

The SF4 data will be released by state on a flow basis from late April through September.

Editor's note: To link to the FTP server where the data and related materials will reside, reporters should enter the Internet embargo page and click on "Census 2000: Summary File 4." A user name and password to access the FTP directory are posted in the embargo area.

(For more information about how to order the SF4 on CD-ROM and DVD, contact the Census Bureau's Customer Service Center on (301) 763-INFO (4636) or e-mail: <>. For local context, contact the New Mexico State Data Center on (505) 827-0264 or e-mail: <>.)

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