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Release Date
January 30, 2024

Since the first quarter 2003, the Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey (CPS/HVS) housing inventory estimates have been controlled to independent housing unit estimates based upon Census 2000 (2000-2009 data), Census 2010 (2010-2019 data), and Census 2020 (2020-present data) and updated with building permit data, estimates of housing loss, and other administrative records data. In the second quarter 2023, the CPS/HVS revised the entire series of housing inventory estimates back to the second quarter 2020, based on the latest series of independent housing controls, the Vintage 2022 time series. Housing inventory estimates from the first quarter 2010 through the first quarter 2020 are revised based on the Vintage 2020 time series. Housing inventory estimates from the second quarter 2000 through the fourth quarter 2009 are revised based on the Vintage 2010 time series. Housing inventory estimates, prior to the second quarter 2000, have not been revised. The revised CPS/HVS housing inventory data series are based on the independently produced Vintage 2022 housing unit estimates that are projected forward through the first quarter 2023. The same general procedure will be followed each year in revising housing inventory estimates with the most up-to-date independent housing estimates available.

For an explanation of the methodology used in producing the housing inventory independent estimates, please see: https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/popest.html

Note: This time series is by the latest "vintage" year. For example, Vintage 2022 means that all of the estimates in this time series are identified as belonging to "Vintage 2022." The 2020 data are from the 2022 vintage, the 2022 data are from the 2022 vintage, and so on.

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