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The Business & Economy topic is your portal to comprehensive information about the number, activity, characteristics, and locations of American businesses.

The Census Bureau has been collecting information about American businesses for over 200 years. Today, statistics on almost 27 million business locations are among the Nation’s most important. Business statistics are used to help start a business, compare industries and locations, assess the economic health of local communities, or just to make informed decisions.

View the subtopics below to see what data is available by topic.

To view the full list of available programs, please visit the Survey and Programs page and programs by NAICS Sector and level of geography can be found in this spreadsheet.  

Business Counts

The Census Bureau produces the following key business statistics: number of establishments; number of employees; payroll; first quarter payroll; and total sales, shipments, receipts, and business done.

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Business and Workforce Dynamics

The Census Bureau produces statistics about annual changes in the counts and characteristics of business locations and firms, workforce characteristics, and job flows for worker movements between jobs, industries, and employment. Local labor market indicators, including employment changes, are available in QWI Explorer.

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Business and Owner Characteristics

The Census Bureau produces business statistics about characteristics of a business (e.g., type of employees, tax status, etc.) and its owners (e.g., race, gender, veteran status, etc.).

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Expenses and Expenditures

The Census Bureau produces statistics about annual business expenditures on structures and equipment, computers and software, health insurance, research and development, and process and product innovation. It also releases detailed operating expenses data.

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The Census Bureau produces detailed business statistics on inventories for the Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Retail Trade, Wholesale Trade, and (selected) Services Sectors.

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Sales, Receipts, Shipments, and Production

The Census Bureau produces detailed statistics on various measures of sales and production.

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Small Business

Here you will find detailed statistics about U.S. businesses which are essential to help small businesses succeed and grow.

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Page Last Revised - October 8, 2021
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