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December 15, 2014

Visit the Quarterly Financial Report internet website www.census.gov/econ/qfr/ for more information, including summary statements of income and retained earnings, balance sheets, and related financial and operating ratios for manufacturing, mining, wholesale trade, retail trade, and selected service industries.

Measures of sampling variability are provided with the data and should be closely examined before the data are used. The measure of sampling variability displayed depends on the item selected. If an item can have a value that is zero, positive, or negative, the measure presented is the Standard Error. If an item can have a value that is only zero or positive, the measure presented is the Relative Standard Error (RSE, also called a coefficient of variation). Click on the Definitions link for more information on measures of sampling variability and their uses.

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The Y-axis for the line charts may be truncated to prevent flattening of the lines or to present the complete range of data.

Source: Quarterly Financial Report (Definitions)
All Manufacturing: U.S. Total — Not Seasonally Adjusted Net Sales, Receipts, and Operating Revenues [Millions of Dollars]
Year 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
2000 NA NA NA 1,128,790
2001 1,082,233 1,116,597 1,062,443 1,033,734
2002 994,073 1,071,574 1,068,667 1,082,128
2003 1,072,017 1,096,910 1,109,436 1,118,800
2004 1,145,872 1,248,717 1,250,976 1,288,495
2005 1,258,442 1,352,179 1,384,246 1,416,600
2006 1,397,414 1,485,624 1,467,143 1,432,485
2007 1,405,836 1,526,484 1,539,399 1,588,312
2008 1,566,418 1,724,172 1,682,270 1,401,261
2009 1,196,693 1,253,821 1,305,867 1,353,446
2010 1,349,210 1,461,717 1,463,507 1,481,530
2011 1,532,484 1,657,405 1,650,561 1,645,072
2012 1,648,177 1,689,523 1,656,755 1,673,633
2013 1,626,424 1,703,610 1,704,177 1,709,078
2014 1,651,476 1,767,856 1,768,773 NA
2015 NA NA NA NA
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