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Statistics of U.S. Businesses

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To provide detailed annual data for U.S. business establishments by geography, industry, and enterprise size. The United States Code, Titles 13 and 26, authorize this program.


All U.S. business establishments with paid employees. The Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) covers all NAICS industries except crop and animal production; rail transportation; National Postal Service; pension, health, welfare, and vacation funds; trusts, estates, and agency accounts; private households; and public administration. The SUSB also excludes most government employees.


Data are presented by geographic area, industry detail, and enterprise size. Annual data consist of number of firms, number of establishments, annual payroll, and employment during the week of March 12. In addition, estimated receipts data are included for years ending in 2 and 7.

Dyanmic data, which are created from the Business Information Tracking Series (BITS), consist of the number of establishments and corresponding employment change for births, deaths, expansions, and contractions.


Tabulations providing data by employment size of enterprise have been assembled annually as far back as 1989.


A compilation of data extracted from the Business Register (BR). The BR contains the Census Bureau's most complete, current, and consistent data for U.S. business establishments. The BR is updated continuously and incorporates data from: the Census Bureau's economic censuses and current business surveys, quarterly and annual Federal tax records, and other departmental and federal statistics.


SUSB data are available approximately 24 months after each reference year. Data are available for the U.S., each state, and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA). Data are available through the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy and the SUSB Internet sites.


The data are the standard reference source for small business statistics.

Private businesses use the data for market research, strategic business planning, and managing sales territories. State and local governments, as well as, budget, economic development, and planning offices use the data to assess business changes, develop fiscal policies, and plan future policies and programs.


Provides the only source of annual, complete, and consistent enterprise-level data for U.S. businesses, with industry detail.




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