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Automated Export System (AES) Compliance Report

The monthly AES Compliance Report displays this information for each company:

  • AES Compliance Rate for each of the last three statistical months
  • Number of shipments for each of the last three statistical months
  • Number of shipments with Response Messages for the latest statistical month (Unresolved Fatal Errors, Compliance Alerts, Informational messages, Warning messages, and Verify messages)
  • Details for shipments with unresolved cumulative fatal errors
  • Details for shipments with Compliance Alerts for the latest statistical month

The Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR), 15 CFR, Part 30.5(e), authorizes the U.S. Census Bureau to identify inconsistencies in AES data and to make recommendations that will result in the appropriate corrective actions by the filer. The AES Compliance Report is an important component in this process that reflects all possible AES Response Messages that the filer may receive.

For detailed information on your AES response messages and how to resolve any identified errors, see AESTIR Appendix A - Commodity Filing Response Messages.

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