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AES Postdeparture Filing

How To Apply

Currently, we are not accepting applications for postdeparture filing.


  • Q: What is postdeparture filing?
  • A: The Postdeparture Filing Program allows companies reporting their electronic export information (EEI) through the AES, to transmit their EEI within 5 calendar days after the date of export. Only USPPIs (exporters, manufacturers, etc.) can be authorized for postdeparture reporting. However, authorized agents may transmit postdeparture shipments on behalf of approved postdeparture USPPIs.
  • Q: What is the process to become authorized for postdeparture filing?
  • A: Currently, we are not accepting applications for postdeparture filing.
  • Q: Are there any types of shipments that can NOT be reported on a postdeparture basis?
  • A: Yes, the following types of shipments can NOT be reported postdeparture per FTR Section 30.4(a):
    1. Used self-propelled vehicles as defined in 19 CFR 192.1 of U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations.
    2. Essential and precursor chemicals requiring a permit from the DEA;
    3. Shipments defined as "sensitive" by Executive Order;
    4. Shipments where a U.S. government agency requires predeparture filing;
    5. Shipments defined as "routed export transactions" (see ยง30.3(e));
    6. Shipments where complete outbound manifests are required prior to clearing vessels going directly to the countries identified in U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations 19 CFR 4.75(c) and aircraft going directly or indirectly to those countries. (See U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulation 19 CFR 122.74(b)(2));
    7. Items identified on the USML of the ITAR (22 CFR 121);
    8. Shipments that require a license from the BIS and exports listed under BIS's grounds for denial of postdeparture filing status (see 15 CFR 758.2);
    9. Shipments that require a license from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    10. Shipments of rough diamonds classified under HS subheadings 7102.10, 7102.21, and 7102.31 and exported (reexported) in accordance with the Kimberley Process; and
    11. Shipments for which the USPPI has not been approved for postdeparture filing.
  • Q: Once approved, can a USPPI lose their postdeparture filing status?
  • A: Yes, if a USPPI does not comply with the regulations of the partnership agencies, they can lose their postdeparture filing status.
  • Q: How can an authorized agent find out the postdeparture status of one of their USPPI clients?
  • A: An authorized agent or carrier will need to get in touch with the USPPI to find out their postdeparture filing status. The USPPI will receive a notification from the U.S. Census Bureau (Census) whether they are approved, denied, or revoked. This information can be passed on to the authorized agent acting on behalf of the USPPI. Due to confidentiality, Census client representatives can not share with any other company the postdeparture status of another company.

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