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Foreign Trade

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Guide to Foreign Trade Statistics

Conversion Tables and Units of Quantity

Conversion Tables

In January of 1989, The United States adopted the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (Harmonized System, "HS") as the nomenclature for classifying both exports and imports. The Harmonized System collects information based on the metric standard. The following tables will assist data users in converting to metric quantities and values.

Reported Units of Quantity Name (Abbreviation) HS Units of Quantity Name (Abbreviation) Multiplication Factor to Convert Reported Units to HS Units
Barrel (BBL) Thousand cubicmeters (TCM) 0.0001590
Barrel (BBL) Liter (LTR) 159.0
Cubic foot (CF) Cubic meter (CBM) 0.02832
Cubic yard (CYD) Cubic meter (CBM) 0.7646
Content pound (CLB) Content kilogram (CKG) 0.4536
Content pound (CLB) Clean yield kilogram (CYK) 0.4536
Clean yield pound (CYP) Clean yield kilogram (CYK) 0.4536
Clean yield pound (CYP) Kg dry rubber content (KDR) 0.4536
Content ton (CTN) Content metric ton (CTN) 0.9072
Content short ton (CST) Content metric ton (CTN) 0.9072
Cord (CD) Cubic meter (CBM) 2.550
Centimeter (CM) Meter (MTR) 0.010
Cubic centimeter (CC) Liter (LTR) 0.001
Cubic meter (CBM) Liter (LTR) 1000.
Cubic meter (CBM) Thousand cubic meters (TCM) 0.001
Millicurie (MC) Curie (CUR) 0.0010
Curie (CUR) Millicurie (MC) 1000.
Dozen (DOZ) Pieces (PCS) 12.00
Dozen (DOZ) Dozen pair (DPR) 0.5000
Dozen (DOZ) Gross (GR) 0.08333
Dozen (DOZ) Thousand (THS) 0.0120
Dozen (DOZ) Number (NO) 12.00
Dozen pair (DPR) Dozen (DOZ) 2.000
Foot (FT) Meter (MTR) 0.3048
Gallon (GAL) Liter (LTR) 3.785
Gallon (GAL) Barrel (BBL) 0.02381
Gram (GM) Kilogram (KG) 0.001
Gross (GR) Number (NO) 144.0
Gross (GR) Gross pair (GRP) 0.5000
Gross boxes (GBX) Gross cartons (GCN) 1.000
Gross pound (GLB) Gram (GM) 453.6
Gross pound (GLB) Gross kilogram (GKG) 0.4536
Gross pound (GLB) Kilogram (KG) 0.4536
Gross metric ton (GTN) Metric Ton (TON) 1.000
Hundredweight (CWT) Kilogram (KG) 45.36
Hundredweight (CWT) Metric Ton (TON) 0.04536
Kilogram (KG) Metric ton (TON) 0.001
Kilogram (KG) Gram (GM) 1000.
Linear feet (LFT) Meter (MTR) 0.3048
Long ton (LTN) Kilogram (KG) 1016.
Long ton (LTN) Metric Ton (TON) 1.016
Liter (LTR) Cubic meter (CBM) 0.001
Meters (MTR) Thousand meters (THM) 0.001
Metric ton (TON) Kilogram (KG) 1000.
Metric ton (TON) Gross metric ton (GTN) 1.000
Metric ton (TON) Barrel (BBL) 7.33331
Number (NO) Gross (GRS) 0.006944
Number (NO) Gross pair (GPR) 0.003472
Number (NO) Pieces (PCS) 1.000
Number (NO) Thousand (THS) 0.0010
Ounces (OZ) Kilogram (KG) 0.02835
Ounces (OZ) Grams (GM) 28.35
Pound (LB) Carat (CAR) 2268.
Pound(LB) Gram (GM) 453.6
Pound (LB) Kilogram (KG) 0.4536
Pound (LB) Metric Ton (TON) 0.0004536
Pound (LB) Gross kilogram (GKG) 0.4536
Pound (LB) Gross ton(GTN) 0.0004536
Pieces (PCS) Number (NO) 1.000
Proof gallon (PFG) Proof liter (PFL) 3.785
Pair (PR) Dozen (DOZ) 0.1667
Square centimeter (SCM) Square meter (SQM) 0.0001
Square meter (SQM) Square centimeter (SCM) 10000.
Square feet (SFT) Square meter (SQM) 0.0929
Square inch (SQT) Square meter (SQM) 0.0006452
Square (SQ) Square (SQ) 1.000
Square inch (SQT) Square centimeter (SCM) 6.452
Square yard (SYD) Square meter (SQM) 0.8361
Short ton (STN) Kilogram (KG) 907.2
Short Ton (STN) Metric Ton (TON) 0.9072
Short Ton (STN) Gross Ton (GTN) 0.9072
Thousand cubic meters (TCM) Cubic meters (CBM) 1000.
Thousand meters (THM) Meters (MTR) 1000.
Thousand (THS) Number (NO) 1000.
Thousand square ft (MSF) Square meter (SQM) 92.90
Thousand cubic feet (MCF) Thousand cubic meters (TCM) 0.02832
Thousand linear feet (MLF) Linear meter (LNM) 304.8
Troy ounce (TOZ) Gram (GM) 31.10
Troy ounce (TOZ) Gross kilogram (GKG) 0.03110
Wine gallon (WG) Liter (LTR) 3.785
Yard (YD) Meter (MTR) 0.9144


Abbreviations for Units of Quantity

Abbreviations Quantity
BBL Barrels
CAR Carat
CKG Content Kilogram
CM2 Square Centimeters
CGM Content Gram
CTN Content Metric Ton
CYK Clean Yield Kilogram
DOZ Dozen
DPC Dozen Pieces
DPR Dozen Pair
DS Doses
FBM Fiber Meter
GBQ Gigabecquerels
GCN Gross Containers
GM Gram
GRL Gross Lines
GRS Gross
HUN Hundreds
JWL Jewel
KG Kilogram
KM3 Cubic Kilometers
KTS Kilogram Total Sugars
L Liters
LNM Linear Meters
M Meters
M2 Square Meters
M3 Cubic Meters
MBQ Megabecquerels
MWH Megawatt Hours
NO Number
ODE Ozone Depletion Equivalent
PCS Pieces
PFL Proof Liter
PK Pack
PRS Pairs
SQ Square
T Metric Tons
THM Thousand Meters
THS Thousand
X No First Unit Of Qty


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