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Advanced Technology Product (ATP) Code Descriptions

General ATP Code Definitions

Code Definition
(01) Biotechnology Focuses on medical and industrial applications of advanced scientific discoveries in genetics to the creation of new drugs, hormones and other therapeutic items for both agricultural and human use.
(02) Life Science Concentrates on the application of scientific advances (other than biological) to medical science. Recent advances, such as nuclear resonance imaging, echocardiography, and novel chemistry, coupled with new production techniques for the manufacture of drugs have led to many new products for the control or eradication of disease.
(03) Opto-Electronics Encompasses electronic products and components that involve the emitting and/or detection of light. Examples of products included are optical scanners, optical disc players, solar cells, photo-sensitive semiconductors and laser printers.
(04) Information & Communications Focuses on products that are able to process increased volumes of information in shorter periods of time. Includes central processing units, all computers and some peripheral units such as disk drive units and control units, along with modems, facsimile machines and telephonic switching apparatus. Examples of other products included are radar apparatus and communication satellites.
(05) Electronics Concentrates on recent design advances in electronic components (with the exception of opto-electronic components) that result in improved performance and capacity and in many cases reduced size. Products included are integrated circuits, multi-layer printed circuit boards and surface-mounted components such as capacitors and resistors.
(06) Flexible Manufacturing Encompasses advances in robotics, numerically-controlled machine tools, and similar products involving industrial automation that allow for greater flexibility to the manufacturing process and reduce the amount of human intervention. Includes robots, numerically controlled machine tools and semiconductor production and assembly machines.
(07) Advanced Materials Encompasses recent advances in the development of materials that allow for further development and application of other advanced technologies. Examples are semiconductor materials, optical fiber cable and video discs.
(08) Aerospace Encompasses most new military and civil helicopters, airplanes and spacecraft (with the exception of communications satellites that are included under Information & Communications Technology). Other products included are turbojet aircraft engines, flight simulators and automatic pilots.
(09) Weapons Primarily encompasses products with military application. Includes such products as guided missiles and parts, bombs, torpedoes, mines, missiles, rocket launchers and some firearms.
(10) Nuclear Technology Encompasses nuclear power production apparatus. Includes nuclear reactors and parts, isotopic separation equipment and fuel cartridges. Excludes nuclear medical apparatus, which is included under Life Science.

ATP - HS Concordance Files

(Revisions to classification codes occur periodically)

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