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Foreign Trade

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State Imports NAICS4 Database Record Layout


IMPORTS - NAICS 4-Digit by Country by State


1-4 NAICS 4-digit NAICS Code
5-8 cty_code 4-digit Country Code
9-10 state 2-digit State of Origin, using US Postal Service State Abbreviations. "XX" = Unidentified
11-14 year 4-digit Statistical Year
15-16 month 2-digit Statistical Month
17-31 gen_val_mo 15-digit General Imports, Total Value
32-46 con_val_mo 15-digit Imports for Consumption, Total Value
47-61 air_val_mo 15-digit Air Value
62-76 air_swt_mo 15-digit Air Shipping Weight
77-91 ves_val_mo 15-digit Vessel Value
92-106 ves_swt_mo 15-digit Vessel Shipping Weight
107-121 cnt_val_mo 15-digit Containerized Vessel Value
122-136 cnt_swt_mo 15-digit Containerized Vessel Shipping Weight
137-151 gen_val_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date General Imports, Total Value
152-166 con_val_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date Imports for Consumption, Total Value
167-181 air_val_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date Air Value
182-196 air_swt_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date Air Shipping Weight
197-211 ves_val_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date Vessel Value
212-226 ves_swt_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date Vessel Shipping Weight
227-241 cnt_val_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date Containerized Vessel Value
242-256 cnt_swt_yr 15-digit Year-to-Date Containerized Vessel Shipping Weight


June 2015
Trade in Goods
and Services

Deficit: $43.8 Billion
Exports: $188.6 Billion
Imports: $232.4 Billion

Next release: September 3, 2015
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