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From Physical to Political Geography

Descriptions of Population Distribution in Census Publications: 1800, 1900, and 2000

August 9, 2012

Lists of words included in each of the wordmaps, organized by categories.


Physical features: coast, Mohawk River, Hudson River, Adirondacks, Susquehanna River, Cumberland River, Lake Ontario, bluffs, St. Lawrence River, mountains, Altamaha River, Atlantic, Ohio River, river, mouth

Named places: Indiana Territory, Georgia, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, South Carolina, Mississippi Territory, Cincinnati, United States, Vermont, Indiana, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Tennessee

Geographic areas: Union, boundaries, frontier line, territory, country, place, state

Other: organized, defined, great, rugged, poured, northeast, streamed, serviceof man, divided, Indian tribes, stretched, added, uninhabited, westward, latitude, reclaimed, powerful, change, joined, known, pioneer, north, Cherokee Indians, Creek Indians, southern, settlement, settled, northwest, extended, census, south, density, population, west, northern, western


Physical features: valley, Adirondacks

Named places: Colorado, Porto Rico, North Dakota, Canadian line, Europe, Indian reservations, New Mexico, Nebraska, Arizona, Florida, Samoa, Guam, Utah, Idaho, Texas, California, Montana, Hawaii, Philippine Islands, Oregon, Nevada, Kansas, United States

Geographic areas: counties, western states, country, state, territory

Other: growth, people, lumbering, percent, northwest, extended, remarkable, southeastern, inhabitants, sparsely, world, Indians, grown, northern, railroads, census, extension, continental, mining, eastern, density, settled, settlement, unsettled, population


Physical features: vistas, rivers, Mississippi River valley, Atlantic seaboard, climates, mountain, Great Lakes, landscape, Appalachia, Great Plains

Named places: San Antonio, Boston, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Georgia, District of Columbia, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Texas, California, Louisville, North Dakota, Cincinnati, Utah, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia

Geographic areas: minor civil divisions, settlements, territory, towns, rural, places, suburbs, country, cities, counties, states, metropolitan, urban

Other: congressional, rapid, surpassed, suburbanization, social, industrial, port, westward, western, railroad, interior, grew, gain, declines, adjacent, grown, density, census, growth, largest, redistribution, central, million, people, Midwest, South, distribution, population, patterns, twentieth century

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