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Infographics & Visualizations

Explore Census data with infographics and visualizations covering a broad range of topics.


Business Trends and Outlook Survey Data
The BTOS provides insight into the state of the economy by providing timely data for key economic measures and business expectations about future conditions.
Monthly State Retail Sales
View year-over-year change in monthly state retail sales for different NAICS sectors.
2022 Annual Capital Expenditures Survey Visualizations
Decennial Census Microfilm Scanning Progress by Week
This visualization represents the number of microfilm reels scanned into digital images for a given week.
Progress on Microfilm Reel Preparation and Scanning
Microfilm reels containing images from the decennial censuses are digitally scanned to create digital images of the original forms.
U.S. Census Bureau Building Permits Survey
View new privately owned housing unit authorizations.
Global Market Finder: An Interactive Tool for U.S. Exporters
View exports for U.S. goods by Schedule B commodity codes.
Community Resilience Estimates for Equity Profiles
The CRE for Equity dataset and profiles provides information about social vulnerability and equity the nation, states, counties, and neighborhood census tracts.
Presidential Places
This visualization shows the number of counties, minor civil divisions and incorporated places matching last names of Presidents
The Single Life
This visualization shows how the gap between married and unmarried has narrowed since 1950.
Business Formation Statistics (BFS)
View multiple interactive Business Formation Statistics (BFS) visualizations.
Business Formation Statistics by State
View high-propensity business applications and their quarter-to-quarter changes from 2018 Q4 to 2019 Q1.
High Rises And Hill Sides
This graphic shows the number of urban and rural Nonemployer Firms by minority status.
Snack Food and Beverages - Manufacturing Stats for the Big Game
This visualization shows Snack Food and Beverages Manufacturing Stats for the BIG GAME
Monthly Comparisons for Selected State Tax Collections
The SMSTC features monthly state tax collections created using administrative data.
Ownership Share of all Businesses by Demographics
View ownership share of all businesses by sex, ethnicity, minority status, and veteran status for 2018 to 2020.
Big Game Census: 2024
The 58th competition to crown a new football champion will feature teams hailing from California and Missouri.
Top 50 Metro Areas in the U.S. Have 32 NFL Teams
This infographic features the metro areas represented by all 32 NFL teams.
How Are Service Industries Trending?
View how revenue for service industries has changed from 2020 to 2022.
Annual Retail Trade Survey: 2021 and 2022
View percent change in sales from 2021 to 2022 for U.S. retailers.
U.S. Merchant Wholesalers: 2021 and 2022
View 2021 and 2022 estimates for U.S. merchant wholesalers (excluding manufacturers' sales branches and offices) from the Annual Wholesale Trade Survey.
Profitability of Employer Firms by Race of Owner(s) in 2022
The infographic shows the profitability of employer businesses by race.
Coupled Households by County: 2017-2021
View the percentage of coupled households by type for states and counties.
Beer, Wine and Liquor-Related Revenue
Estimated sales, value of shipments or revenue for select industries in 2021.
Feeding Our Communities
Estimated sales, value of shipments, or revenue for select food-related industries in 2021.
Happy New Year 2024
This graphic shows the estimated population of the United States and the World as of New Year's Day 2024.
Holiday Fun and Games
This graphic shows the value of U.S. imports and exports of toys, games, and sportS equipment.
Percent Change in State Population
This graphic shows the percent change in state population from July 1, 2021 to July 1, 2022 and July 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023.
Population Change by Region
This graphic shows the population change by region from July 1, 2022 to July 1, 2023.
How a Question Becomes Part of the American Community Survey
Adding a question or making a change to the American Community Survey (ACS) involves extensive testing, review, and evaluation over a 5-year period.
Cannabis Excise Sales Tax
View quarterly tax revenue for cannabis excise sales tax by state.
Childhood Poverty, 2007 – 2022
View poverty ratios of school-age children by school districts since 2007.
Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates: Release Highlights of 2022
View and download 2022 release highlights for Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates.
State and County Maps 2022
View and download 2022 state and county maps for Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates.
2020 Census Population Profiles
These maps present a graphic overview of selected demographic information from the 2020 Census of Population and Housing
Gender Pay Gap: 2021
The earnings wage gap by sex portrays the difference between median earnings for men and women who worked full-time, year-round in the past 12 months.
Page Last Revised - April 14, 2023
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