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Manufacturing Technology Survey

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To measure the presence, use, and planned use of advanced technologies in the manufacturing sector. The United States Code, Title 13, authorizes these surveys and provides for mandatory responses. The Department of Defense partially funds the surveys.


Establishments with 20 or more employees that are classified in a selected 2- digit NAICS manufacturing major groups: these groups are 332, 334, 335, and 336.


Basic data are collected on the presence and plans for using advanced technologies, establishment characteristics, technologies and other topics. The survey covers 17 specific technologies, including numerically-controlled machines, computer-aided design or engineering technologies, programmable controllers, and local area networks. Characteristics data include type of manufacturing, age of plant, primary customer, and price of products sold. Other basic questions include the reasons for not adopting technologies, and interaction with Federal defense agencies. Additional questions may be included on topics specific to each survey.


Periodically, since 1988, as needed to document changes and obtain needed new information. The first survey emphasized prevalence and plans, and was replicated in 1993. A one-time survey was conducted in 1992 to detail the barriers, benefits and costs of advanced technologies. Reference periods are usually for activities during the prior calendar year.


A mail-out/mail-back survey of 10,526 establishments. The sample is selected from all in-scope establishments on the Business Register (BR) list using a stratified random selection procedure. Establishments were stratified based on major kind of business and total employment size, and establishments were selected by simple random sample from each strata. The survey forms use a check box method of inquiry to simplify and facilitate responses. Survey responses are weighted using the inverse probability of selection to represent the universe of covered establishments.


Manufacturing Technology reports provide survey results within 6 to 12 months after the data collection. The number of establishments using, planning to use and not using technologies are included in the 1993 and the 1988 reports; and profiles of establishments by establishment characteristic and technology type. The data tables are available in floppy disc format.


The Department of Defense uses the data to assess the diffusion of technology in the manufacturing sector and plans to acquire technology. Other Federal agencies use the data to gauge competitiveness of the U.S. manufacturing sector. The data are also used by the private sector in market analysis, competitiveness assessments, and planning.


Provides the first comprehensive data on the use and diffusion of advanced technology in the manufacturing sector; provides a method for obtaining comparable information on technologies in other sectors (such as non-durable goods industries).


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