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ACE Export Reports

The ACE Export Reports are transactional export data by Employer ID Number (EIN) from AES and are now accessible via the ACE Secure Data Portal. These reports serve as a replacement to the export data we previously provided to the filer and/or U.S. Principal Party in Interest (USPPI), per request. The information contained in these reports continues to be confidential transactional export data from the AES and should not be disclosed for nonofficial purposes per the Foreign Trade Regulations, Section 30.60.


  1. ACE Export Report Flowchart
  2. Request ACE Export Reports
  3. ACE Portal Educational Videos
  4. After You Submit Your Request
  5. ACE Export Account Types:
  6. Contact Information

ACE Export Report Flowchart

This one pager provides you with a visual of how to create an ACE Export Account and request access to your export reports.

Note: It's not required that you apply for ACE export report access, but highly recommended for auditing and verification purposes.

ACE Export Report Flowchart

Request ACE Export Reports

  1. Establish an ACE Exporter Account.
  2. Submit your request via your ACE Exporter Account.
  3. Complete the Certification of Authority (COA) on your company's letter head.
  4. Sign the printed form.
  5. Scan the signed COA form and e-mail to: exportreports@census.gov
    Note: The COA is a fillable PDF and should not include EINs.
  6. Respond to any additional verification questions we may deem necessary to confirm your eligibility to access the requested reports.

Below are the steps to submit your request:

  1. Log into your ACE Exporter Account.
  2. Select the Accounts tab.
  3. Select Exporter from the pull down menu on the left hand side. And select GO.
  4. Select your account located on the bottom left, by clicking the expand button ('+' sign) then selecting EIN or Account Name.
  5. On the top right hand side of the page, click on the “Request EIN Reports Authorization” button.
  6. Once you submit your request, you are prompted to the new COA. Complete the form as instructed.

    Note: ACE Import Account Holders (All registered EINs for importers) are granted ACE Export Report access after adding the exporter role and do not require Census vetting.

ACE Portal Educational Videos

These educational videos are available to assist you:

After You Submit Your Request

In order for us to grant you access to the export report per EIN, you must successfully complete our vetting process. The vetting process will begin once all steps are completed and handled in the order in which they are received. If approved, you will be notified via e-mail and will be able to access your reports the next business day.

ACE Export Account Types

Trade Account Owner (TAO) - The highest access level for your company account
  • Request export access for any or all of the EINs currently established in an existing import account
  • Add new EINs to your export accounts however, you must request access for each new EIN
Current ACE Import Account Holder - All EINs on the import side that are established
  • Automatically access their AES Trade Reports and do not require vetting
  • Designated TAO upon registration
New Users - The TAO must register your company or parent company. It is imperative that the principal EIN is registered by the TAO and all subsequent EINs are added to that account after it is established. Once companies have access to the system, they will be able to create an account and manage their account. The TAO is usually a parent company who will have access to add and manage accounts for their subsidiaries (Trade Account Users).
  • Register multiple EINs to be registered under one main account (referred to as the Top Account)
  • Companies operating under one EIN will be designated as the Top Account upon registration

Contact Information

For information or questions regarding the vetting process or completing the COA:

Contact the Data User and Trade Outreach Branch

Phone: 1-800-549-0595 option 5 | exportreports@census.gov
For information or questions regarding ACE Export Accounts and/or export reports:

Contact CBP ACE Account Service Desk

Phone:1-866-530-4172 option 1, followed by option 2 | ace.support@cbp.dhs.gov | Web

Submitting Traditional Data Requests

In an effort to maintain the health and safety of staff, many U.S. Census Bureau employees will be operating remotely via telework. During this time, our call centers and email inboxes will remain open to assist the trade daily. However, we will have limited access to physical mail. For those that are submitting a data request, please send it electronically to the Data User & Trade Outreach Branch (DUTOB) in a password-protected file to gtmd.outreach@census.gov. Additionally, you can send the request to our secure fax at 301-763-8835. We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time..
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