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Foreign Trade

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U.S. Merchandise Trade Data on Electronic Media

Terms & Conditions

The U.S. Census Bureau makes available on a subscription basis, CD-ROM copies of statistical data covering U.S. import and export trade. These reports represent complete copies of the most detailed reports available for public reference. Special conversion files are available for correlating the various commodity classification systems and converting certain numeric codes to alphabetic data.

A yearly subscription will cover the 12-month period January-December. Quarterly reports are cumulative for individual quarters, and the annual summary data present a 12-month aggregate for the calendar year.

Information concerning record structures/formats may be obtained by visitng www.census.gov/foreign-trade/reference/products/catalog/ftdproducts.html. A list and description of the reports available under this service, together with monthly, quarterly, and annual subscription costs, are available on www.census.gov/foreign-trade/order. Data are available in ASCII format on one-off CD-ROM only.

Notice to Users of Census
Computer Media Copies

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The Census Bureau has taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that information recorded on the media you purchase will be readable on your equipment. When filling customer orders, only new media are used. The Census Bureau media are purchased from manufacturers on the General Services Administration's approved list of suppliers. The media have been subjected to demanding quality control procedures during manufacture and prior to acceptance by the government.

If you encounter problems in reading the media you receive, we suggest that you request calibration tests on your own media units before you communicate with us. When you are assured that you have received a defective recording from us, please document the problem as thoroughly as possible and return the defective media and problem documentation to:

Chief, Current Systems
Programming Branch
Foreign Trade Division
Room 2170, FB 3
U.S. Census Bureau
Washington, DC 20233-0001

Conditions of Agreement

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1. The authority to perform special work or services on a cost basis is contained in Title 13, U.S.C. 8 and Title 15, U.S.C. 1525 (84 Stat. 864), relating to services for other organizations and persons. The performance of the work or services involved is authorized only to the extent that they are consistent with the proper performance of the basic public duties and obligations of the Census Bureau and the relative importance of this request to others. The right is reserved, therefore, to reject or terminate all or any part of the agreement and return the unused balance of funds advanced, if the exigencies of the public interest should require such action.

2. Although every reasonable effort is made to avoid delays, failures, and errors in the performance of its work, it is understood that the Census Bureau is not to be held responsible for delays, failures, or errors in the services performed. The cost of recompilations, corrections, or accelerations must be paid for by the requesting party.

3. The information is furnished subject to the limitations and qualifications, if any, transmitted with the information and the requesting party will respect such limitations in any public use of the information. The Census Bureau reserves the right to specify that the material is for use of the purchaser only and may not be published, or to require clearance of any proposed publication ofthe information. If all of the basic data involved were collected under government supervision or received by the government in the regular course of business, the right is reserved to publish the same information and make it generally available without charge or at cost of publication if the Census B ureau regards the information to be of general public interest.

4. Ordinarily, the information, files, and records are retained for a period of 5 years from date of origin, except that electronic data tapes may be blanked after 90 days unless specific arrangements in writing are made to the contrary. It is understood, however, that the Census Bureau is not obligated in any way to retain such files and records for any specific period and may dispose of them at such times and in such manner as it may determine appropriate, subject to the regulations of the General Services Administration.

5. It is recommended that users process the data media as soon as possible. The Census Bureau will not be responsible for replacing defective media after 90 days.

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