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Quarterly Services Survey Overview


The Quarterly Services Survey (QSS) is the only source of service industry indicator performance providing timely estimates of revenue and expenses for selected service industries.


Estimates are presented for selected industries in the following NAICS sectors (2-digit NAICS codes) and subsectors (3-digit NAICS codes):

NAICS Sector/Subsector Kind of Business First Published Quarter
51 Information 2003, Q4
622 Hospitals 2004, Q4
623 Nursing and residential care facilities
54 Professional, scientific, and technical services 2006, Q3
56 Administrative and support and waste management and remediation services
484, 492, 493 Selected industries in transportation and warehousing 2009, Q1
532 Rental and leasing services
621 Ambulatory health care services
624 Social assistance
71 Arts, entertainment, and recreation
81 Other services (except public administration)
52 Finance and insurance 2009, Q3
22 Utilities 2010, Q1

481, 483, 485,

486, 487, 488

Selected industries in transportation
533 Lessors of nonfinancial intangible assets (except copyrighted works)
61 Educational services
531 Real estate 2012, Q3
721 Accommodation


The QSS is a principal economic indicator that produces, for selected service industries, quarterly estimates of total operating revenue and the percentage of revenue by class of customer (government, business, household consumers/individual users). The survey also produces estimates of total operating expenses from tax-exempt firms in industries that have a large not-for-profit component. In addition, for hospital services, the survey estimates the number of inpatient days and discharges.


The Quarterly Services Survey is conducted quarterly with the mail-out occurring at the end of each calendar quarter. The survey form is due 14 days after the end of the reference period. A new sample will be selected about every five to seven years. The Advance Quarterly Services Report is released online approximately 50 days after the calendar quarter, while the Full Quarterly Services Report is released online approximately every 75 days after each calendar quarter. The QSS is a sub-sample of the Service Annual Survey (SAS).


The sample includes approximately 19,500 service businesses with paid employees that operate in the covered sectors. Those in the sample can choose to respond through mail, internet reporting, or by telephone. In order to be eligible for the list sample, service businesses must be in the Business Register (BR), which contains all Employer Identification Numbers (EINs) for listed businesses and locations of multi-establishment companies. EINs may represent one or more establishments, and firms may have one or more EINs.

The sample is updated quarterly to reflect births and deaths, adding new employer businesses identified in the Business and Professional Classification Survey, and deleting firms and EINs that are no longer active. During interim periods, service businesses are represented by administrative records data or imputed values.


All previously published reports can be found on our Historical Data page. The Advance Quarterly Services Report is available approximately 50 days following the end of each quarter, while the Full Quarterly Services Report is available approximately 75 days following the end of each quarter. The first publication was released on September 13, 2004 and included data for the fourth quarter of 2003 and the first two quarters of 2004. In addition, each year, benchmark reports are released using the results of the latest Service Annual Survey (SAS).


The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) is the primary federal user of data collected in the QSS. The BEA utilizes this timely data to make improvements to the national accounts for service industries. In the National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA), the quarterly data allow more accurate estimates of both Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) and private fixed investment. Quarterly revenue data from the QSS are also used to produce estimates of gross output by industry. This allows BEA to produce an earlier version of the gross domestic product (GDP) by industry estimates.

QSS estimates also provide the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) and Council of Economic Advisors (CEA) with timely information on current economic performance.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) use the QSS data to develop hospital-spending estimates in the National Accounts. In addition, the QSS data improves their ability to analyze hospital-spending trends. They also use the data in their healthcare indicator analysis publication; ten-year health spending forecast estimates; and studies in hospital regulation and Medicare policy, procedures, and trends.


The QSS provides the most timely data on revenue produced within service industries.

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