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American Community Survey 1-Year Data 2015

NEWS: The URLs for the 2015 ACS 1-year Detail Tables and Data Profiles API have been updated so that the term “acs” appears between /year and /acs1. See the examples provided below to make appropriate changes.

For additional information regarding this and future changes please see:

Related Information

Variable Changes

Variables, and the values they represent, may change over time. If you have used variables in prior year releases, check the ACS product changes webpage for source table changes. If the variable you have been using comes from a table that has changed from the prior year, check the variables list (variables.html) and compare the variable concept and label to be sure you are requesting the correct estimate. For information on these changes, visit:

Use this Data Profile Variable Comparison table to check if your Data Profile variable has changed from 2014 to 2015.

Data Profile 115th Congressional District


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