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Here you'll find a mix of applications created both by the Census Bureau as well as by our developer community built using the Census Bureau API.

Third-party applications: Some applications showcased herein were created by third parties, not by the U.S. Census Bureau. By publishing them here, we are only showing the work that these third parties have done and are not verifying their potential uses or potential interpretations/translations/mergers of data. The Department of Commerce and the U.S. Census Bureau assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the data displayed within these applications for any purpose whatsoever. The Department, including the U.S. Census Bureau, will provide no assistance in the interpretation or use of these applications.

If you'd like us to list your application on this page, please send an email with a description of and link to your app included to census.data@census.gov

Page Last Revised - January 4, 2022
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