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Working at Census
Working at Census

Working at Census

A future-thinking environment focused on teamwork, collaboration, productivity, and employee engagement!

Working at the Census Bureau gives you the opportunity to put your skills to work in a challenging environment where innovation is part of the mission.

Come join us where we offer a diverse list of benefits, flexible work schedules, professional development, and employee assistance programs.

People at Census

At the Census Bureau, our people are our greatest strength. Meet some of the people who make up our diverse and talented team.

Benefits and Perks

Our employees take advantage of federal employee benefits including health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, retirement, and thrift savings plans. At headquarters, we offer onsite banking, a large cafeteria offering a wide array of cuisine, and a convenience shop that carries everything you need! 

The U.S. Census Bureau Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a voluntary, confidential program for all employees, supervisors, and managers. The EAP is a benefit that offers professional counseling, resources, management consultation, appropriate referral information and work/life programs. The EAP is staffed by licensed counselors.

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The Census Bureau offers a robust and flexible telework program for eligible positions.

At this time, employees may be eligible to telework or work remotely two or more days a pay period consistent with the Census Bureau's flexible telework and remote work policies and approval from your supervisor. Telework serves as a critical workplace flexibility that enables agencies to meet mission-critical needs of the organization, while allowing the employee to work from an alternate location (usually their home) and avoid commuting to and from work. It can also help employees balance work and personal responsibilities and make use of beneficial work environments, thereby enhancing employee satisfaction and well-being.

Coming soon, there will also be options for hoteling. To maximize office space, hoteling is an alternative approach to the more traditional method of assigned seating. All employees will have the option to use a reservation-based system to reserve an in-office workstation.

* All telework requests require supervisory approval based on business needs.

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The Census Bureau offers various work schedules to meet the needs of our employees.

  • Flexitime: During a 10-day work period, employees work 5, 8 ½ hour days each week (includes unpaid 30-minute lunch). Employees may deviate their daily work schedule start or end time by up to 30 minutes without prior supervisory approval.
  • 5‐4/9 compressed: During a 10‐day work period, employees work 8, 9 ½ hour days (includes unpaid 30-minute lunch), and 1, 8 ½ hour day (includes unpaid 30-minute lunch) to account for their 80 hours for the 2‐week pay period. This allows the employee to have 1 day off each pay period while only working 9 of 10 workdays.
  • 4/10 compressed: During a 10-day work period, employees work 4, 10 ½ hour days each week (includes unpaid 30-minute lunch). This allows the employee to have 1 day off each week and only work 8 of 10 workdays.
  • Maxiflex: Employees may request different start and end times for each workday within normal business hours, with supervisor approval. An employee may have up to 1 day off each week.

* All schedule requests require supervisory approval based on business needs.

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The Census Bureau is located at the intersection of Silver Hill Road and Suitland Road in Suitland, MD, about 2 miles outside of the southeastern limits of Washington, DC, and offers onsite covered parking in two large parking garages.

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The Transit Benefit program is an employer‐provided transportation fare subsidy that is offered to eligible employees who use public transportation or a metro‐approved vanpool to and from work.

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The Reasonable Accommodation program is committed to facilitating reasonable accommodations for individuals with permanent or temporary disabilities. Programs we manage include:

  • Reasonable Accommodations
  • Sign Language Interpreting and Captioning Service
  • Scooter Loaner Program
  • Accessible (A) Reserved Parking
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The federal government aims to be a safe and inclusive employer for LGBTQ+ individuals and their families.

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Employee Training and Development

The Census Bureau offers training and learning programs to keep employees up to date with important skills and knowledge necessary to function at the highest level. We host various degree, certificate, and citation curriculum that support organizational success and enhance professional development. To keep pace with the demand for Data Science expertise, we provide training opportunities to help employees expand their data science skill set.

Family-Friendly Programs

The Census Bureau is committed to supporting staff members and their families as they navigate their professional and personal lives.

The Suitland Federal Child Development Center, in partnership with the Office of Naval Intelligence and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, provides care for infants (from 6 weeks of age) through preschool age children. The center is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

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The CWET Shop is a state of‐the‐art facility that offers both group and individual programs such as aerobics, kickboxing, muscle works, power yoga, sports conditioning, and Zumba.

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CBWRA was organized in 1950 to promote the health and well‐being of employees and to provide athletic, social, and other events and programs of an entertaining or educational nature.

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Page Last Revised - June 7, 2024
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