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Census Business Builder (CBB)

Version 2.6
  • Version 2.6
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Version 2.6

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Component ID: #ti1840622782

Small Business Edition is primarily for small business owners who need key data for their business plan or to better understand their potential market. It presents data for a single type of business at a time.

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Component ID: #ti1840622777

Regional Analyst Edition is primarily for chambers of commerce and regional planning staff who need a broad portrait of the people and businesses in their service area. It presents data for all sectors of the economy and for a user-defined region made up of one or more areas.

Component ID: #ti1280764816

Key Features

  • Easy to use menus and Search tools to select the location you’d like to research and nearly all types of businesses
  • Interactive maps to browse and download data about the selected area and type of businesses
  • A customizable dashboard that includes time series and geographic comparison charts
  • Interactive and downloadable reports (including charts) that can be easily incorporated into your research
  • Optimized for your smartphone or tablet

Component ID: #ti2137084527

What's New in Version 2.6

New and Expanded Content:

  • New quarterly labor force data for 2018 at the state and county levels from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages
  • New data on the number of establishments by employment size and employment by worker age
  • Business data in RAE expanded to include both 2- and 3-digit NAICS industries (3-digits new)
  • Updated annual workforce data for 2018 at the state and county levels from the Quarterly Workforce Indicators program
  • Updated annual data for 2018 on New Residential Building Permits at the county and city/town levels from the Building Permits program

New or Revised Features:

  • New Region Building tools (RAE only)
  • Consumer Spending data now presented in hierarchical menu
  • Historical demographic restored in the Data Dashboard and Report charts
  • Syntax of map and report URLs simplified to aid readability
  • Revised message when map or report build is delayed

Known Issues that will be addressed in future releases:

  • When building a region of different types of geographic areas, CBB warns users when the boundaries of their region may overlap with the area the user is trying to add, but the user CAN accept the overlapping areas resulting in data duplication.
  • A message intermittently appears in both editions, but the map and report builds correctly.


View flyers that provide an Overview of the Small Business and Regional Analyst Editions of CBB.

Component ID: #ti337066536


Please email us at with your feedback on the tool, including what you like about it as well as what changes you’d like to see in future versions.

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