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The Economic Indicator Time Series Database is now available via the API.

The U.S. Census Bureau's economic indicator surveys provide monthly and quarterly data that are timely, reliable, and offer comprehensive measures of the U.S. economy. These surveys produce a variety of statistics covering construction, housing, international trade, retail trade, wholesale trade, services and manufacturing. The survey data provide measures of economic activity that allow analysis of economic performance and inform business investment and policy decisions. Other data included, which are not considered principal economic indicators, are the Quarterly Summary of State & Local Taxes, Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions, and the Manufactured Homes Survey.

For information on the reliability and use of the data, including important notes on estimation and sampling variance, seasonal adjustment, measures of sampling variability, and other information pertinent to the economic indicators, visit the individual programs' webpages linked from the Economic Briefing Room.

The data provided represent official statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau. Do not alter the precision of data values when storing or formatting them for display, or the results may disagree with the official releases. All products developed using these data files must attribute the data source as the U.S. Census Bureau. Include the originating program name for the benefit of your users.

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