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Component ID: #ti994758149

The 2020 PDB contains select operational, demographic, and socio-economic statistics from the 2010 Census and the 2014-2018 5-year ACS. The 2020 PDB is also available at the state and county levels. Operational statistics are only available at the block and tract levels.

Component ID: #ti111624350

Statistics downloaded from American FactFinder or receive clearances from the Disclosure Review Board before being posted. No clearance number is required at this time for such information products. When presenting packages to the DRB that include such data, their provenance must be documented to the satisfaction of the DRB.

2010 Census operational statistics were cleared by the DRB on 5/21/2012.

Component ID: #ti772731452

The ACS 2014-2018 5-year Self-Response Rates have been approved for public release by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Disclosure Review Board (approval no.: CBDRB-FY20-182).

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