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API Format Changes: SF1 2010

About a year ago, the U.S. Census Bureau began the process of centralizing all data in the Census API into a uniform and consistent format across all datasets and surveys. We are continuing with that transformation by releasing a more consistent format for the 2010 Decennial Summary File 1 (SF1) counts. We understand that standardization means changes for our developers, but the tradeoff will be greater data accessibility in an easier, more customer-focused experience.

We released a new endpoint as a Beta to allow time for you to become familiar with the new format and adjust your programs to reflect these changes. In addition to a new endpoint, you also will see changes to variable names and new annotation fields. To accommodate this format change, the endpoint will change to add the program name (e.g., '/dec/') into the URL after the year. The old endpoint will be removed on October 31st.


Old endpoint:
New endpoint:


Please note the changes to some variable names. H00010001 is now H001001, and PCT0210001 is now PCT021001, for example.  A complete variable mapping is not available.


This new endpoint now includes annotation fields for many counts. This will enable the counts to be numeric and the character overrides to be stored in corresponding annotation fields. For example, the annotation field for H001001 is H001001ERR. The variables with corresponding annotation fields include:

H001001,H002001,H003001,H003002,H003003,H004001,H005001,H006001,H007001,H010001,H011001,H013001,H014001,H015001,H016001,H017001,H018001,H019001, H020001,H021001,HCT001001,HCT002001,HCT003001,HCT004001,P001001,P002001,P003001,P004001,P005001,P008001,P009001,P012001,P013G002,P013H001,P013H002,P015001,P016001,P018001,P019001,P020001,P021001,P022001,P023001,P024001,P025001,P026001,P027001,P028001,P029001,P029002,P029026,P030001,P042001,P043001,P044001,P051001,PCO001001,PCT011001,PCT012001,PCT013001,PCT014001,PCT015001,PCT016001,PCT020001


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