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NOAA's National Weather Service (NWS) Weather Forecast Offices (WFOs)

Each weather forecast office (WFO) has a geographic area of responsibility, also known as a county warning area (CWA), for issuing local public, marine, aviation, fire, and hydrology forecasts. The Census Bureau provides key demographic and business data that weather forecasters and broadcasters can use in their work.

Select the map to view the NOAA WFO site.

The table below provides direct links to both the map and report in Census Business Builder for all 122 WFOs. CBB provides access to over 150 of these data variables for potentially impacted areas. Users can not only view the combined data for each WFO as a whole but also for the counties, cities/towns, ZIP Codes, and Tracts within the CWA.

City State CWA Region FullStaId Report Map
Albuquerque New Mexico ABQ Southern KABQ Albuquerque CWA (ABQ) Report Albuquerque CWA (ABQ) Map
Aberdeen South Dakota ABR Central KABR Aberdeen CWA (ABR) Report Aberdeen CWA (ABR) Map
Anchorage Alaska AFC Alaska PAFC Anchorage CWA (AFC) Report Anchorage CWA (AFC) Map
Fairbanks Alaska AFG Alaska PAFG Fairbanks CWA (AFG) Report Fairbanks CWA (AFG) Map
Juneau Alaska AJK Alaska PAJK Juneau CWA (AJK) Report Juneau CWA (AJK) Map
Wakefield Virginia AKQ Eastern KAKQ Wakefield CWA (AKQ) Report Wakefield CWA (AKQ) Map
Albany New York ALY Eastern KALY Albany CWA (ALY) Report Albany CWA (ALY) Map
Amarillo Texas AMA Southern KAMA Amarillo CWA (AMA) Report Amarillo CWA (AMA) Map
Gaylord Michigan APX Central KAPX Gaylord CWA (APX) Report Gaylord CWA (APX) Map
La Crosse Wisconsin ARX Central KARX La Crosse CWA (ARX) Report La Crosse CWA (ARX) Map
Binghamton New York BGM Eastern KBGM Binghamton CWA (BGM) Report Binghamton CWA (BGM) Map
Bismarck North Dakota BIS Central KBIS Bismarck CWA (BIS) Report Bismarck CWA (BIS) Map
Birmingham Alabama BMX Southern KBMX Birmingham CWA (BMX) Report Birmingham CWA (BMX) Map
Boise Idaho BOI Western KBOI Boise CWA (BOI) Report Boise CWA (BOI) Map
Denver Colorado BOU Central KBOU Denver CWA (BOU) Report Denver CWA (BOU) Map
Taunton Massachusetts BOX Eastern KBOX Taunton CWA (BOX) Report Taunton CWA (BOX) Map
Brownsville Texas BRO Southern KBRO Brownsville CWA (BRO) Report Brownsville CWA (BRO) Map
Burlington Vermont BTV Eastern KBTV Burlington CWA (BTV) Report Burlington CWA (BTV) Map
Buffalo New York BUF Eastern KBUF Buffalo CWA (BUF) Report Buffalo CWA (BUF) Map
Billings Montana BYZ Western KBYZ Billings CWA (BYZ) Report Billings CWA (BYZ) Map
Columbia South Carolina CAE Eastern KCAE Columbia CWA (CAE) Report Columbia CWA (CAE) Map
Caribou Maine CAR Eastern KCAR Caribou CWA (CAR) Report Caribou CWA (CAR) Map
Charleston South Carolina CHS Eastern KCHS Charleston CWA (CHS) Report Charleston CWA (CHS) Map
Cleveland Ohio CLE Eastern KCLE Cleveland CWA (CLE) Report Cleveland CWA (CLE) Map
Corpus Christi Texas CRP Southern KCRP Corpus Christi CWA (CRP) Report Corpus Christi CWA (CRP) Map
State College Pennsylvania CTP Eastern KCTP State College CWA (CTP) Report State College CWA (CTP) Map
Cheyenne Wyoming CYS Central KCYS Cheyenne CWA (CYS) Report Cheyenne CWA (CYS) Map
Dodge City Kansas DDC Central KDDC Dodge City CWA (DDC) Report Dodge City CWA (DDC) Map
Duluth Minnesota DLH Central KDLH Duluth CWA (DLH) Report Duluth CWA (DLH) Map
Des Moines Iowa DMX Central KDMX Des Moines CWA (DMX) Report Des Moines CWA (DMX) Map
Detroit/Pontiac Michigan DTX Central KDTX Detroit/Pontiac CWA (DTX) Report Detroit/Pontiac CWA (DTX) Map
Quad Cities Illinois DVN Central KDVN Quad Cities CWA (DVN) Report Quad Cities CWA (DVN) Map
Kansas City/Pleasant Hill Missouri EAX Central KEAX Kansas City/Pleasant Hill CWA (EAX) Report Kansas City/Pleasant Hill CWA (EAX) Map
Eureka California EKA Western KEKA Eureka CWA (EKA) Report Eureka CWA (EKA) Map
El Paso TX/Santa Teresa NM New Mexico EPZ Southern KEPZ El Paso TX/Santa Teresa/NM CWA (EPZ) Report El Paso TX/Santa Teresa/NM CWA (EPZ) Map
Austin/San Antonio Texas EWX Southern KEWX Austin/San Antonio CWA (EWX) Report Austin/San Antonio CWA (EWX) Map
Peachtree City Georgia FFC Southern KFFC Peachtree City CWA (FFC) Report Peachtree City CWA (FFC) Map
Grand Forks North Dakota FGF Central KFGF Grand Forks CWA (FGF) Report Grand Forks CWA (FGF) Map
Flagstaff Arizona FGZ Western KFGZ Flagstaff CWA (FGZ) Report Flagstaff CWA (FGZ) Map
Sioux Falls South Dakota FSD Central KFSD Sioux Falls CWA (FSD) Report Sioux Falls CWA (FSD) Map
Fort Worth Texas FWD Southern KFWD Fort Worth CWA (FWD) Report Fort Worth CWA (FWD) Map
Glasgow Montana GGW Western KGGW Glasgow CWA (GGW) Report Glasgow CWA (GGW) Map
Hastings Nebraska GID Central KGID Hastings CWA (GID) Report Hastings CWA (GID) Map
Grand Junction Colorado GJT Central KGJT Grand Junction CWA (GJT) Report Grand Junction CWA (GJT) Map
Goodland Kansas GLD Central KGLD Goodland CWA (GLD) Report Goodland CWA (GLD) Map
Green Bay Wisconsin GRB Central KGRB Green Bay CWA (GRB) Report Green Bay CWA (GRB) Map
Grand Rapids Michigan GRR Central KGRR Grand Rapids CWA (GRR) Report Grand Rapids CWA (GRR) Map
Greenville-Spartanburg South Carolina GSP Eastern KGSP Greenville-Spartanburg CWA (GSP) Report Greenville-Spartanburg CWA (GSP) Map
Tiyan Guam GUM Pacific PGUM Tiyan CWA (GUM) Report Tiyan CWA (GUM) Map
Gray Maine GYX Eastern KGYX Gray CWA (GYX) Report Gray CWA (GYX) Map
Honolulu Hawaii HFO Pacific PHFO Honolulu CWA (HFO) Report Honolulu CWA (HFO) Map
Houston/Galveston Texas HGX Southern KHGX Houston/Galveston CWA (HGX) Report Houston/Galveston CWA (HGX) Map
Hanford California HNX Western KHNX Hanford CWA (HNX) Report Hanford CWA (HNX) Map
Huntsville Alabama HUN Southern KHUN Huntsville CWA (HUN) Report Huntsville CWA (HUN) Map
Wichita Kansas ICT Central KICT Wichita CWA (ICT) Report Wichita CWA (ICT) Map
Wilmington North Carolina ILM Eastern KILM Wilmington CWA (ILM) Report Wilmington CWA (ILM) Map
Wilmington Ohio ILN Eastern KILN Wilmington CWA (ILN) Report Wilmington CWA (ILN) Map
Lincoln Illinois ILX Central KILX Lincoln CWA (ILX) Report Lincoln CWA (ILX) Map
Indianapolis Indiana IND Central KIND Indianapolis CWA (IND) Report Indianapolis CWA (IND) Map
Northern Indiana Indiana IWX Central KIWX Northern Indiana CWA (IWX) Report Northern Indiana CWA (IWX) Map
Jackson Mississippi JAN Southern KJAN Jackson CWA (JAN) Report Jackson CWA (JAN) Map
Jacksonville Florida JAX Southern KJAX Jacksonville CWA (JAX) Report Jacksonville CWA (JAX) Map
Jackson Kentucky JKL Central KJKL Jackson CWA (JKL) Report Jackson CWA (JKL) Map
Key West Florida KEY Southern KKEY Key West CWA (KEY) Report Key West CWA (KEY) Map
North Platte Nebraska LBF Central KLBF North Platte CWA (LBF) Report North Platte CWA (LBF) Map
Lake Charles Louisiana LCH Southern KLCH Lake Charles CWA (LCH) Report Lake Charles CWA (LCH) Map
New Orleans Louisiana LIX Southern KLIX New Orleans CWA (LIX) Report New Orleans CWA (LIX) Map
Elko Nevada LKN Western KLKN Elko CWA (LKN) Report Elko CWA (LKN) Map
Louisville Kentucky LMK Central KLMK Louisville CWA (LMK) Report Louisville CWA (LMK) Map
Chicago Illinois LOT Central KLOT Chicago CWA (LOT) Report Chicago CWA (LOT) Map
Los Angeles/Oxnard California LOX Western KLOX Los Angeles/Oxnard CWA (LOX) Report Los Angeles/Oxnard CWA (LOX) Map
St Louis Missouri LSX Central KLSX St Louis CWA (LSX) Report St Louis CWA (LSX) Map
Lubbock Texas LUB Southern KLUB Lubbock CWA (LUB) Report Lubbock CWA (LUB) Map
Baltimore MD/Washington District of Columbia LWX Eastern KLWX Baltimore MD/Washington CWA (LWX) Report Baltimore MD/Washington CWA (LWX) Map
Little Rock Arkansas LZK Southern KLZK Little Rock CWA (LZK) Repot Little Rock CWA (LZK) Map
Midland/Odessa Texas MAF Southern KMAF Midland/Odessa CWA (MAF) Report Midland/Odessa CWA (MAF) Map
Memphis Tennessee MEG Southern KMEG Memphis CWA (MEG) Report Memphis CWA (MEG) Map
Miami Florida MFL Southern KMFL Miami CWA (MFL) Report Miami CWA (MFL) Map
Medford Oregon MFR Western KMFR Medford CWA (MFR) Report Medford CWA (MFR) Map
Newport/Morehead City North Carolina MHX Eastern KMHX Newport/Morehead City CWA (MHX) Report Newport/Morehead City CWA (MHX) Map
Milwaukee/Sullivan Wisconsin MKX Central KMKX Milwaukee/Sullivan CWA (MKX) Report Milwaukee/Sullivan CWA (MKX) Map
Melbourne Florida MLB Southern KMLB Melbourne CWA (MLB) Report Melbourne CWA (MLB) Map
Mobile Alabama MOB Southern KMOB Mobile CWA (MOB) Report Mobile CWA (MOB) Map
Twin Cities/Chanhassen Minnesota MPX Central KMPX Twin Cities/Chanhassen CWA (MPX) Report Twin Cities/Chanhassen CWA (MPX) Map
Marquette Michigan MQT Central KMQT Marquette CWA (MQT) Report Marquette CWA (MQT) Map
Morristown Tennessee MRX Southern KMRX Morristown CWA (MRX) Report Morristown CWA (MRX) Map
Missoula Montana MSO Western KMSO Missoula CWA (MSO) Report Missoula CWA (MSO) Map
San Francisco California MTR Western KMTR San Francisco CWA (MTR) Report San Francisco CWA (MTR) Map
Omaha/Valley Nebraska OAX Central KOAX Omaha/Valley CWA (OAX) Report Omaha/Valley CWA (OAX) Map
Nashville Tennessee OHX Southern KOHX Nashville CWA (OHX) Report Nashville CWA (OHX) Map
Upton New York OKX Eastern KOKX Upton CWA (OKX) Report Upton CWA (OKX) Map
Spokane Washington OTX Western KOTX Spokane CWA (OTX) Report Spokane CWA (OTX) Map
Norman Oklahoma OUN Southern KOUN Norman CWA (OUN) Report Norman CWA (OUN) Map
Paducah Kentucky PAH Central KPAH Paducah CWA (PAH) Report Paducah CWA (PAH) Map
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania PBZ Eastern KPBZ Pittsburgh CWA (PBZ) Report Pittsburgh CWA (PBZ) Map
Pendleton Oregon PDT Western KPDT Pendleton CWA (PDT) Report Pendleton CWA (PDT) Map
Mount Holly New Jersey PHI Eastern KPHI Mount Holly CWA (PHI) Report Mount Holly CWA (PHI) Map
Pocatello Idaho PIH Western KPIH Pocatello CWA (PIH) Report Pocatello CWA (PIH) Map
Pago Pago American Samoa PPG Pacific PPPG Pago Pago CWA (PPG) Report Pago Pago CWA (PPG) Map
Portland Oregon PQR Western KPQR Portland CWA (PQR) Report Portland CWA (PQR) Map
Phoenix Arizona PSR Western KPSR Phoenix CWA (PSR) Report Phoenix CWA (PSR) Map
Pueblo Colorado PUB Central KPUB Pueblo CWA (PUB) Report Pueblo CWA (PUB) Map
Raleigh North Carolina RAH Eastern KRAH Raleigh CWA (RAH) Report Raleigh CWA (RAH) Map
Reno Nevada REV Western KREV Reno CWA (REV) Report Reno CWA (REV) Map
Riverton Wyoming RIW Central KRIW Riverton CWA (RIW) Report Riverton CWA (RIW) Map
Charleston West Virginia RLX Eastern KRLX Charleston CWA (RLX) Report Charleston CWA (RLX) Map
Blacksburg Virginia RNK Eastern KRNK Blacksburg CWA (RNK) Report Blacksburg CWA (RNK) Map
Seattle Washington SEW Western KSEW Seattle CWA (SEW) Report Seattle CWA (SEW) Map
Springfield Missouri SGF Central KSGF Springfield CWA (SGF) Report Springfield CWA (SGF) Map
San Diego California SGX Western KSGX San Diego CWA (SGX) Report San Diego CWA (SGX) Map
Shreveport Louisiana SHV Southern KSHV Shreveport CWA (SHV) Report Shreveport CWA (SHV) Map
San Angelo Texas SJT Southern KSJT San Angelo CWA (SJT) Report San Angelo CWA (SJT) Map
San Juan Puerto Rico SJU Southern TJSJ San Juan CWA (SJU) Report San Juan CWA (SJU) Map
Salt Lake City Utah SLC Western KSLC Salt Lake City CWA (SLC) Report Salt Lake City CWA (SLC) Map
Sacramento California STO Western KSTO Sacramento CWA (STO) Report Sacramento CWA (STO) Map
Tallahassee Florida TAE Southern KTAE Tallahassee CWA (TAE) Report Tallahassee CWA (TAE) Map
Tampa Bay Ruskin Florida TBW Southern KTBW Tampa Bay Ruskin CWA (TBW) Report Tampa Bay Ruskin CWA (TBW) Map
Great Falls Montana TFX Western KTFX Great Falls CWA (TFX) Report Great Falls CWA (TFX) Map
Topeka Kansas TOP Central KTOP Topeka CWA (TOP) Report Topeka CWA (TOP) Map
Tulsa Oklahoma TSA Southern KTSA Tulsa CWA (TSA) Report Tulsa CWA (TSA) Map
Tucson Arizona TWC Western KTWC Tucson CWA (TWC) Report Tucson CWA (TWC) Map
Rapid City South Dakota UNR Central KUNR Rapid City CWA (UNR) Report Rapid City CWA (UNR) Map
Las Vegas Nevada VEF Western KVEF Las Vegas CWA (VEF) Report Las Vegas CWA (VEF) Map

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