2020 Census Population Counts for Apportionment are Now Available

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2021 Data Summit Series


You are Invited to join the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2021 Data Summit Series. Designed for the novice data user, the series will present a high-level overview of several data products and demonstrate how they can be used to assist organizations and businesses identify data-driven solutions to challenges.

All Webinars in this Series


Census Data for Everyone: Why it Should Matter to You

Learn about how your responses to Census Bureau surveys are used to create publicly available data products.

Census Bureau Data for the AIAN Population and Businesses

This webinar will show you how to explore the data and tools that the Census Bureau offers for the AIAN population and AIAN-owned businesses.

Census Bureau Data for Philanthropic and Non-Profit Organizations

This webinar will take a dive into data from decennial censuses, various surveys, and examine statistics to give a more complete portrait of those you serve.

Accessing Census Bureau Data for Rural Communities

This webinar will teach basic Census geography, rural vs. urban terminology, as well as tools and tables using the ACS for the contemporary rural landscape.

Statistics in Schools — Bringing Census Bureau Data to Classrooms

This webinar will teach data users how to explore the Statistics in Schools (SIS) Website.

CBB for Small Business Retailers and Service Establishments

This webinar will teach you how to access the CBB suite of services, which provides selected demographic and economic data tailored to specific types of users.

COVID-19 HUB Demographic and Economic Resources

This webinar will provide data users demographic and economic data designed to help guide decision-making related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Census Data for Librarians

This webinar will teach users more about the demographics and economics characteristics of the patrons you serve.

Economic Recovery: Workforce Patterns

This webinar will teach data users how to analyze commuting patterns and workforce characteristics at the state and sub-state geographic levels.

Census Bureau Data About Housing Characteristics

This webinar will teach data users about housing and household data available from various surveys and indicators.

Data About Race, Ethnicity and Ancestry

This webinar will teach the data user about the changing race and ethnicity profile of the community and its businesses, at a fundamental level.

Data About Food Security

This webinar will teach users how to explore tabulations that assists in determining funding for federal food programs and more.

Census Bureau Data for Asian/NHPI Populations

This webinar will show users how to build a local portrait of the Asian, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander population.

Census Bureau Data for the LGBTQ Community

This webinar will teach users how to access data to explore the characteristics of same-sex households at local geographic levels.

Data About Persons with Disabilities and Aging Populations

This webinar will explore these tabulations and how to access these statistics at local geographic levels.

Accessing Community Health Needs ACS for Health Care Professionals

This webinar will help those producing community health needs assessments (CHNA) learn how to obtain the most current demographic data for their communities.

Early Childhood—Census Bureau Data Sources

This webinar will take a deeper dive into these tabulations to help you track the trajectory of age, sex and births in your county or city.

Census Bureau Data for Emergency Management

This webinar will teach users how to navigate the enterprise data-access tool and other resources on census.gov.

Census Bureau Data for Migrant Workers

This webinar will provide guidance on the utilization of resources on the census.gov as it pertains to migrant workers and those that serve these communities.

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