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Survey and Topic One-Pagers

These topical one-pagers are meant to be an introduction to some of the topics, programs and surveys offered by the Census Bureau for survey respondents and users of Census data. In these informational one-pagers, we address some of the most frequently asked questions to better assist with your data needs.

Here are examples of some of the questions we try to address within the one-pagers:

  • Why we collect this data?
  • How often is this survey, topic or program conducted?
  • Whether it is a mandated or voluntary census or survey?
  • What data is available and how users may access the information?



Age Search Age Search
American Housing Survey American Housing Survey
American Community Survey American Community Survey
Ancestry Ancestry



Commodity Flow Survey Commodity Flow Survey
Economic Census Economic Census
Language Use Language Use

Other Topics Covered by the American Community Survey and Economic Surveys




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