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Live and recorded classes led by Census Bureau instructors on a variety of topics.

Data Gems

Our team of experts is excited to share with you their favorite tips and tricks about how to access and use Census Bureau Data.

So we created the Data Gems: a series of "how-to" videos available for data users who are looking for an easy and quick way to enhance their knowledge of Census data.

They will introduce you to various concepts and techniques to improve your ability to navigate our website and use our data-access tools.

We hope you find these Data Gems valuable! Drop us a line at census.academy@census.gov and let us know what you think!


When to Use QuickFacts, a Tool That Gets You Data Fast!
If you are looking for popular current statistics, QuickFacts is a good place to start.
What Detailed Data Are Available for the Hispanic Community?
In this Data Gem, learn how to access disaggregated data for specific Hispanic groups using data.census.gov.
Cómo puede obtener los datos de su vecindario con solo unos clics?
Usando sectores censales puede seleccionar los límites de su área y acceder estadísticas demográficas, socioeconómicas y de vivienda sobre su comunidad.
How to Find Population Counts for Detailed Race and Hispanic Origin Groups
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to easily map the most prevalent detailed race and ethnicity groups and American Indian and Alaska Native tribes.
Foreign Trade
USA Trade Online Data Tool
Follow along with this Data Gem, where we show you how to track international trade commodities over time using the data tool, USA Trade Data.
Discover My Tribal Area, a Tool to Quickly Find Data
In this Data Gem, we will show you how easy it is to access data about people, jobs, housing, economy, and education for a tribal nation reservation.
Find Changes and Trends with 2020 Census Data Visualizations
In this Data Gem, explore features of two interactive data visualizations, How Has Our Nation’s Population Changed and Exploring Age Groups in the 2020 Census.
Locate and Analyze your Customers and Market with CBB
Learn to select and visualize variables for your industry which enable you to evaluate ideal locations, learn about your customer base, and more.
Business and Economy
How to Access Retail Sales Data for the Nation and States
In this Data Gem, we demonstrate the Monthly State Retail Sales Tool, which easily allows you to compare year-over-year retail data by sector.
How to Access, Map, and Compare Detailed Veteran Data
Learn how to access our tables that contain veteran data, including the Veteran Profile from the ACS and the veteran business ownership data from the ABS.
How to Access Population Estimates for Cities and Towns
This Data Gem shows you how to find data from the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Program for cities and towns.
Find What Survey Has the Data You Need with Census Survey Explorer
This Data Gem will use practical real-life examples to teach you how search our surveys with the Census Survey Explorer.
PART 6: Select a Customized Area to Perform a Labor Market Analysis
Learn how you can use the area selection tool to customize the area on the map to perform data analysis.
PART 5: Create an Inflow and Outflow Analysis of your Labor Market
This Gem shows you how to visualize the inflow and outflow of workers to and from your selection area and the number of workers who live and work in the area.
PART 4: Create Destination Analysis to Visualize Jobs & Workforce Data
This Gem adds the ability to select any area in the country to visualize the home or work destinations of the workers employed or living in the area.
PART 3: Create a Distance/Direction Analysis to Visualize Commuting
This Gem focuses on showing you how to visualize on a map the distance and direction that workers commute between residence and employment locations.
PART 2: How to Create an Area Comparison Analysis to Visualize Jobs
Learn how to visualize the comparison of the counts of workers employed or living in each area within your primary selected area in OnTheMap.
PART 1: Visualizing Jobs and Labor Force Data with OnTheMap
Learn from our Data Gems Series how to visualize data for your area about workers, jobs and labor force characteristics using OnTheMap.
How to Access Income Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem covers some basic information about how different types of income (personal, household, and family) are measured.
How to Access Poverty Data Tables and Reports from the CPS ASEC
This Data Gem also helps you understand what data are found in the Official Poverty Measure versus the Supplemental Poverty Measure.
How Do I Access Data for My Neighborhood from the Redistricting Files?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to access data about your neighborhood from the 2020 Census redistricting files for tracts and blocks.
Can I Compare 2020 Census and 2010 Census Redistricting Data?
In this Data Gem, you will learn a few tips about comparing 2020 Census and 2010 Census Redistricting data.
How Can I Access 2020 Census Redistricting Data?
In this Data Gem, you will discover three valuable resources to access these data. You will also learn about when to use one tool versus the others.
How Do I Access GQ Data from the 2020 Census Redistricting Data?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to access Group Quarters population data from the 2020 Census Redistricting Data Files.
How Can I Access Data about Race and Ethnic Diversity?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to access race and ethnic diversity data in 2010 and 2020 using an interactive data visualization.
How Can I Visualize Data for the Adult and Children Population?
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to identify trends for states and counties for the adult and under-age 18 population.
How Can I Visualize Race and Hispanic Origin Data?
This Data Gem will teach you how to use an interactive data visualization to identify trends for the nation, state, and county.
How to Visualize Population and Housing Trends Between 2020 and 2010
This Data Gem will introduce how to access population and housing data for your state, county, and metro area from the 2020 Census.
How to Visualize 2020 Census Redistricting Data for Your Area
In this Data Gem, you will learn how to use the 2020 Census Demographic Data Map Viewer to easily visualize 2020 Redistricting Data for your area.
What Data Can You Access from P.L. 94-171 Redistricting Data Files?
In this Data Gem, you will learn what redistricting is, what P.L. 94-171 is, what data are available in redistricting data files, and more.
How to Download the Complete Set of 2020 Census Redistricting Files
In this Data Gem you will learn where to locate and download the full 2020 Census Redistricting P.L.94-171 data files for you state.
What Are Census Blocks?
In this Data Gem, we will take you on a field trip around a Census Block, discuss its features, and show you how to select blocks when accessing data.
How to Create and Customize a Map Using data.census.gov
In this Data Gem, we will show you how to create maps using data.census.gov to customize and visualize data for your area.
How to Visualize Data from a Table Using data.census.gov
If you want to visualize data from a table available on data.census.gov, Jessica Barnett will walk you through a few easy steps to create a thematic map.
How to Access American Community Survey Data Using Census Reporter
In this Data Gem you will learn about Census Reporter, a tool that allows you to access and visualize ACS data for a variety of topics and geographic levels.
How to Conduct an “Address Search” to Access Data for Your Location
In this Data Gem you will learn how to use an address to identify all the geographic levels that include your location or organization.
Page Last Revised - August 24, 2023
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