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Live and recorded classes led by Census Bureau instructors on a variety of topics.

Recorded Webinars

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Finding Data for the 5 Race Categories
Through this hands-on workshop we will cover how to locate data for the 5 race categories.

2017-2021 ACS 5-Year Selected Population Tables & AIAN Tables
This pre-release webinar discusses data ahead of the embargo of new 2017-2021 American Community Survey 5-year Selected Population Tables and AIAN Tables.

American Indians and Alaska Natives and the American Community Survey
Learn more about the American Community Survey (ACS) and data available for American Indians and Alaska Natives.

Foreign Trade
Back on the Trade Road: Navigating Your Way to New Export Sales
Are you ready to take advantage of Federal resources that can facilitate direct client engagement to grow your global market sales?

Accessing 2020 Decennial Census DHC Data
This webinar focuses on leveraging data.census.gov to find available 2020 Census Demographic and Housing Characteristics and Demographic Profile data.

Disability Data Through a Different Perspective
This webinar provides an overview of various Census Bureau data sources and disability data trends through hands-on exercises using data.census.gov.

Exploring Census Data: Emergency Management
Presenters will dive into business and demographic programs to understand the community in order to plan and manage emergencies.

Foreign Trade
How Census Is Leveraging Real Dollar Data & Completing Trade Picture
This hour-long webinar will focus on Consumer Goods, Real/Constant Dollars, and Trade Data Tools.

The Importance of Off-Farm Income to the Agriculture Economy
Off-farm jobs are critically important, as the agricultural economy has evolved over the past half century to benefit connected and diverse communities.

Statistics in Schools: An Overview
In this hands-on workshop we will explore several of our Statistics in Schools activities.

Where are the Kids? Explore Data for Children 18 Years and Under
This workshop will focus on hands-on exercises to access children's well-being data using census tools.

Using data.census.gov to Explore Race & Ethnicity Data
The Census Bureau has ample demographic and socioeconomic data by race and ethnicity, and it's all available in our data platform, data.census.gov.

Business and Economy
Exploring Census Data: Using Census Data to Guide Business Decisions
Presenters dive into business expense data along with information on the workers within business sectors.

Researching Formal Privacy for the Census Bureau's CBP Program
This webinar provides a high-level overview of a novel formal privacy framework, called per-record differential privacy (PRDP).

Getting Started with ACS Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Data
Census Bureau experts will give an overview of what is available, provide examples of real projects and case studies, and more.

Minnesota’s Aging Workforce and How It Compares to Other States
Economist Tim O'Neill presents Census data to track Minnesota’s aging workforce over several decades.

Planning to Expand
Join the Census Bureau as we explore the data products that can help you prepare for expansion.

2010 Demonstration Data Products Suite – Redistricting Data and DHC
Learn more about the April 3 release of the 2010 Demonstration Data Products Suite – Redistricting Data and DHC.

Building Tables Using MDAT in data.census.gov
This webinar will cover the basics of using data.census.gov and the Microdata Access Tool (MDAT).

What do Unions do? Wages, Incentives, and Investments
Speaker: Liu Yang, University of Maryland

Planning for Community Development
This workshop will demonstrate through hands-on exercises on how to access data using the Census Bureau tools for short and long-term Community planning.

Foreign Trade
DECCS 101 Refresher and Important Updates
This webinar is a refresher of the Defense Export Control and Compliance System (DECCS) application suite and an overview of new updates for DECCS. 

Benefits of Using Census Data to Recruit Students into Liberal Arts Programs
Jacob Docking of the Labor Market Information (LMI) presents “Benefits of Using Census Data to Recruit Students into Liberal Arts Programs.”

Comparing the American Community Survey to the American Housing Survey
Learn about two important Census Bureau surveys covering housing data, the American Community Survey (ACS) and the American Housing Survey (AHS).

Optimize Your Non-Profit with Census Data
In this workshop, you will find out how important the American Community Survey is for the nonprofit community and the unique ways nonprofits can use ACS data.

2022 Economic Census Informational Webinar
Our webinar introduces the 2022 Economic Census including information requested and how you, as a trusted voice, can help promote response in your communities.

Business and Economy
How to Make a Data-Driven Business Plan Using Census Bureau Data
This webinar will guide attendees through the key economic surveys and programs that will be helpful in forming a business plan.

Exploring Economic Data on data.census.gov
In this session, you will learn how to access business data from various Census Economic Surveys and programs on our data platform.

Census Tools for the Grant Writing Trade
This hands-on, step-by-step workshop will help you successfully navigate key data tools to capture the information you need to support your grant writing.

The Disproportionate Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Women in the Workforce
Learn which industries were heavily impacted, how the impacts to women differed by state, and what recovery looks like due to the pandemic.

2020 Census Race and Ethnicity Data: The Detailed DHC-A Proof of Concept
Learn more about the release of the Proof of Concept for the 2020 Census Detailed Demographic and Housing Characteristics File A (Detailed DHC-A).

Finding Your Way Through Census Bureau Geographies
Explore 5 different types of Census Bureau geographies by learning their backgrounds.

data.census.gov News and Updates: January 2023
Join us for this webinar, where we will cover updates on data.census.gov for the months of October, November, and December.

Business and Economy
2023 Commercial Outlook Businesses, Banks, and International Trade
Join our discussion on factors that will impact capital markets, small business exporters, and the world economy.

Puerto Rico and the American Community Survey
Learn more about the Puerto Rico Community Survey (PRCS) and data available for communities in Puerto Rico.

Using the Census Survey Explorer to Get Started
Through exercises we will locate the desired data results and help you get more familiar with Census Bureau surveys/censuses.

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