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2020 Census Redistricting Data and How to Find it on

In this webinar session, participants will enjoy a demonstration of various examples on how to navigate the and access redistricting data. Updates: August 2021

In our August webinar, we provide updates on the enhanced header, new options for large tables, improved mapping visualization, and defect resolutions. Q&A Webinar - July 2021

In this webinar we go over some of the most common questions we have received over the last several months as well as questions submitted via the chat. News and Updates: June 2021

In this webinar we bring you a summary of new features and modifications made to the Census Bureau's main data platform.

Making the Most of Mapping on

Learn more about the possibilities the mapping feature of has to offer. Updates: April 2021

This webinar takes a look at the latest releases on for April 2021.

Custom Tabulation Capabilities on

In this webinar we share background information on MDAT and discuss the latest updates.

Discovering Race & Ethnicity Data on

In this webinar we define the concepts of race and ethnicity in accordance to the U.S. OMB Standards and navigate to access this data. Q&A Webinar - January 2021

During this live virtual event we answered some frequently asked questions and questions submitted through chat about


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