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My Community Explorer is now available. Explore select demographic, business, and resilience data to help identify potentially underserved communities. Training


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Mastering Complex Geographies on

This training shows you how to select geographic components, find which geographies are compatible with a dataset, and how to use the mapping feature.

To Nest, or Not to Nest, That is the Quest

In this session, learn about the interconnections of Census Bureau geographies in order to better pinpoint your data selections.

Top 3 Tools Tour

Join this webinar to learn how to access frequently requested statistics using three of the U.S. Census Bureau’s top data tools.

Creating Customized Tables: Microdata Access Tool in

Learn how the Microdata Access Tool (MDAT) allows users to create custom tabulations with various available Public Use Microdata sets and vintages.

Data on a Deadline for Journalists

This training is designed to give reporters an overview of the power of Census Bureau data for storytelling.

The Psychology of Mapping Census Bureau Data

We will dive into the Census Bureau's data platform and learn how to retrieve ACS and/or Decennial Census information, and then demonstrate how to map it.

Your Community by the Numbers: Race and Ethnicity

Learn how to access data from the Census Bureau on race and ethnicity, using a variety of online tools. News and Updates: March

We provide updates on the Geography Profiles for Puerto Rico, new mapping functionality, improved search, and other recently released features.

Creating Custom Tables Using the ACS Public Use Microdata Sample

This webinar introduces the ACS PUMS files and provides several different ways to access them.

Making the Most of Mapping on

Learn more about the possibilities the mapping feature of has to offer. Streamlining the Way You Get Data

Learn how to search for and download data, use the map feature, and customize table views on

Navigating the New and Improved

In this webinar, we cover the new filter panel navigation, new table customization view, and a walkthrough of the live site with real examples.


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