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Live and recorded classes led by Census Bureau instructors on a variety of topics.

AESDirect Walkthrough: Electronic Export Filing System

Learn everything about filing electronic export information using the Automated Export System Direct.

Developed by Eric Gauthier and Jason Eichelbaum


Skill Level: Beginner

Duration: 1 hour



This series of videos will show in nine chapters how to file the Electronic Export Information through the AESDirect application. This is an excellent resource for any individual or organization new to the export filing requirements and the AESDirect application. For more information about AES, including resources, frequently asked questions and contact information, please visit www.census.gov/aes.

Who should take this course?

Exporters, companies and individuals that need to export commodities over a $2,500 value or licensed by a government agency, especially for first time filers, or any data user who wants to learn about export procedures.


Jason Eichelbaum, Client Representative at the Data Collection Branch, assists the public with questions on how to report export information according to the Foreign Trade Regulations and the Automated Export System requirements. As part of the AES Compliance Seminar Team, Jason has led webinars and in person training sessions with the export community.



Beginning of Course



Chapter 1: Introduction

Learn how to create and file an electronic export filing in the AESDirect system.

Chapter 2: Creating an Export Filing

Learn about the AESDirect shipment manager screen, where we will walk you through how to create an export filing.


Chapter 3: Parties Section

In this chapter, you will learn about the parties section of the AESDirect system including the parties involved in an export transaction.

Chapter 4: Commodities Section

In chapter 4, we cover the commodities section of the AESDirect system. Watch a demo on how to enter all of the required information about the commodities you are exporting.

Chapter 5: Transportation Section

In chapter 5 we cover the transportation section of the AESDirect system, where users will learn how to relay all of the information received from carriers.

Chapter 6: How to Amend or Cancel Shipment

In this chapter, users will learn how to amend or cancel shipments.

Chapter 7: Shipment Manager, Filter Criteria

Learn all about the shipment manager screen of the AESDirect system in this chapter. We also cover how to navigate multiple shipments using provided filters. This is Chapter 7 of the AESDirect video webinar series. This video series is divided into nine sections, but you may advance to any chapter in the series if you need assistance with a particular section.

Chapter 8: How to Create and Manage Templates and Profiles

In this chapter, we cover the template manager and how to use the profile manager. This is Chapter 8 of the AESDirect video webinar series. This video series is divided into nine sections, but you may advance to any chapter in the series if you need assistance with a particular section.

Chapter 9: Resources

Learn more about helpful resources of the AESDirect system, and how to best route your inquiries if you need further assistance.

Find more guidance and resources for the Automated Export System at www.census.gov/aes.

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Page Last Revised - October 20, 2022
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