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Disclosure Avoidance Webinar Series


This webinar series is designed to help data users better understand the Census Bureau’s plans to apply modernized noise infusion algorithms to protect 2020 Census statistics from disclosure. 

No pre-registration necessary. Recorded webinars will be posted here.

To learn more about our plans, visit the 2020 Census Data Products: Disclosure Avoidance Modernization website.

All Webinars in this Series

Understanding the April 2021 Demonstration Data

This webinar covers the updates reflected in the new demonstration data, walks through the associated metrics, and provides an opportunity for Q&A.

Differential Privacy 101

This introductory webinar will explain the Census Bureau’s decision to modernize the methods we use to protect respondent confidentiality in data we release.

Simulated Reconstruction Re-identification Attack on the 2010 Census

This webinar examines the simulated re-identification attack that the Census Bureau performed on the published 2010 Census data.

Differential Privacy 201 and the TopDown Algorithm

This webinar provides an examination of how the Census Bureau is using framework of differential privacy to safeguard respondent data for the 2020 Census.

Highlights of the April 2021 Detailed Summary Metrics

Examine how the Census Bureau uses a variety of accuracy measures to evaluate the data produced by the Disclosure Avoidance System’s TopDown Algorithm.

Demonstration Data for Redistricting and Voting Rights Act Use Cases

This webinar examines the results of the Census Bureau’s empirical evaluation of the reliability and fitness-for-use of the April 2021 demonstration data.

Research into Alternatives to Differential Privacy

Census Bureau researchers present preliminary findings from experiments designed to illustrate techniques used to protect privacy.

2020 Census Disclosure Avoidance System Update

Learn more about the selected settings and parameters for the 2020 Census Disclosure Avoidance System for the P.L. 94-171 redistricting data.

Analysis of Demonstration Data for Redistricting and Voting Rights Act

Analysis of reliability and fitness-for-use of the Disclosure Avoidance System for redistricting and Voting Rights Act enforcement using the chosen settings.

Planning for Upcoming 2020 Census Data Products

Join Alexandra Krause of the Census Bureau's Population Division to learn more about the 2020 Data Product Planning Crosswalk.


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