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Business & Economy Resources

View Census Academy resources about the topic of Business & Economy including Data Gems, courses, and webinars.

Business & Economy Webinars

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Introducing Business Dynamics Statistics (BDS) Explorer

This webinar introduces the BDS Explorer - a new - web-based analysis tool that enables comprehensive access to the full depth and breadth of the BDS dataset.

Financing/Credit Insurance

This webinar includes dialogue between SBA's National Director of International Trade Finance, an EXIM Regional Manager, and a bank that works with both.

Early Stage Manufacturers/Accelerators

This webinar explores the idea phase, commercialization, and global growth journey of early stage manufacturers.

Manufacturing Day Kick Off Event

We celebrate Manufacturing Day and feature export success stories from rural or minority-owned manufacturers.

Exploring Census Data Webinar Series: Manufacturing

This webinar dives into business data on the manufacturing industry and explores the relationship of manufacturing with other sectors of the economy.

Data for My Industry Over Time: The Critical Role of the Economic Census Bridge and Comparative Reports for Data Comparability

This webinar explores the Economic Census Bridge and Comparative reports that provide useful NAICS-based data.

Register with DDTC via DECCS: Tips, Tricks and Tradecraft Webinar

Please join DDTC's IT Modernization team and DDTC-Compliance/Registration specialists for a discussion on submitting Registration Renewals and Amendments.

Job Opportunity Tool

This presentation will dive into how Redfin used a combination of public and private data to create the Redfin Opportunity Score.

Franchising in America: Key Data from the 2017 Economic Census

This webinar provides an overview of the data published in the 2017 Economic Census Franchise Statistics report.

Explaining Monthly State Retail Sales, An Experimental Data Product

The Monthly State Retail Sales (MSRS) is a new experimental data product featuring modeled, state-level retail sales.

Using LODES Data to Explore the Impact of the CARES Act

This presentation illustrates how increased granularity provides a more nuanced interpretation of impact and more.

Exploring Census Data: Expanding Your Markets

Subject matter experts present economic and demographic data valuable for business expansion, both domestically and internationally.

Business Formation Statistics

This webinar reviews the data, visualizations available to the public, and will field questions about the Business Formation Statistics.

Impact of Pandemic on the American Community Survey

This webinar explains and answers questions related to the impact of the pandemic on the American Community Survey (ACS).

Economic Censuses and Surveys

An overview of economic censuses and surveys, and demonstration of how the resulting data can be used by business owners and policy makers.

What's New in CBB 3.4 - Metros, Industry Clusters, and More...

This webinar provides an update on what was added in version 3.4 (released in late June) as well as an overview and demo of all of the features of the tool.

Starting a Small Business: Key Census Data and Tools for Entrepreneurs

Census Bureau’s subject matter experts dive into our business and demographic data that you may find valuable when considering the purchase of a home.

The Effect of Hurricanes on Individuals’ Employment and Earnings

This presentation examines effects on the earnings of affected workers over the short and long term using job-level data to compare the evolution of earnings.

Agreements: Tips, Tricks, and Tradecraft

Join DDTC's IT Modernization team and DDTC-Licensing for a discussion on submitting Agreements.

The Logistics of Growing Global eCommerce

This webinar focusses on the logistics of global e-commerce, including payment and shipping in the electronic environment.

The Spatial Structure of U.S. Metropolitan Employment

This presentation uses high-resolution data based on unemployment insurance wage records to show employment of U.S. metropolitan areas.

Introduction to the International Trade API

This webinar introduces users to the basics of the International Trade API.

Improving Access to Key Census Data: What's New on the COVID Data Hub and CBB

This webinar provides an update on the latest changes to the COVID-19 Interactive Data Hub, and what's new in version 3.3 of CBB and what's coming in v3.4.

Starting a Small Business

This webinar dives into economic and demographic data valuable for starting a small business. The session includes a live demonstration of data tools.

Taking America’s Pulse: the COVID-19 Pandemic

This webinar explores the impact of COVID-19 on education, housing and food security, business closures, furloughs, and the supply chain.

Keys to Global Market Success

This webinar highlighs strategies for launching or expanding your global sales.

Exploring the U.S. Census Bureau’s COVID-19 Resources

The U.S. Census Bureau’s COVID-19 site is now available to assist in understanding the impacts of the pandemic and help guide decision making.

Advanced ACE Export Reports Webinar (SPANISH)

This webinar provides an advanced tutorial to the export reports feature in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE).

A New Measure of Multiple Jobholders in the U.S. Economy

This presentation looks at measures of multiple jobholding using the U.S. Census Bureau's Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics data.

Selected Findings from the 2017 Economic Census of Island Areas

This webinar provides an overview of the data published in the Economic Census of Island Areas and provide selected findings for all 5 territories.

Foreign Trade Regulations Webinar - Day 2 (SPANISH)

Day 2 discusses types of transactions, repairs, replacements, and penalties.

Foreign Trade Regulations Webinar - Day 1 (SPANISH)

Day 1 covers legal requirements, fundamentals of an export shipment, and data elements.


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