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Did you miss our latest webinar? Or would you like to watch it again? View our latest recorded webinars on, the Census API, and Microdata Access. Most recorded webinars are available within a month of the original webinar date.

Upcoming Webinars News and Updates: June 2022

Public Webinar. Time: 2:00-3:00pm (ET)

Recorded Webinars


Mastering Complex Geographies on

This training shows you how to select geographic components, find which geographies are compatible with a dataset, and how to use the mapping feature.

Creating Customized Tables: Microdata Access Tool in

Learn how the Microdata Access Tool (MDAT) allows users to create custom tabulations with various available Public Use Microdata sets and vintages. News and Updates: March

We provide updates on the Geography Profiles for Puerto Rico, new mapping functionality, improved search, and other recently released features.

Making the Most of Mapping on

Learn more about the possibilities the mapping feature of has to offer.

Creating Custom Tables Using the ACS Public Use Microdata Sample

This webinar introduces the ACS PUMS files and provides several different ways to access them. Streamlining the Way You Get Data

Learn how to search for and download data, use the map feature, and customize table views on

Navigating the New and Improved

In this webinar, we cover the new filter panel navigation, new table customization view, and a walkthrough of the live site with real examples.

Improved Navigation on

In this webinar we unveil all new and improved features in for navigation, filtering, and mapping. News and Updates: October 2021

In this session, we provide updates on the new options to select collections of geographies in bulk, improved table ID search, and messaging enhancements.

2020 Census Redistricting Data and How to Find it on

In this webinar session, participants will enjoy a demonstration of various examples on how to navigate the and access redistricting data. Updates: August 2021

In our August webinar, we provide updates on the enhanced header, new options for large tables, improved mapping visualization, and defect resolutions. Q&A Webinar - July 2021

In this webinar we go over some of the most common questions we have received over the last several months as well as questions submitted via the chat. News and Updates: June 2021

In this webinar we bring you a summary of new features and modifications made to the Census Bureau's main data platform.

Making the Most of Mapping on

Learn more about the possibilities the mapping feature of has to offer. Updates: April 2021

This webinar takes a look at the latest releases on for April 2021.

Custom Tabulation Capabilities on

In this webinar we share background information on MDAT and discuss the latest updates.

Discovering Race & Ethnicity Data on

In this webinar we define the concepts of race and ethnicity in accordance to the U.S. OMB Standards and navigate to access this data. Q&A Webinar - January 2021

During this live virtual event we answered some frequently asked questions and questions submitted through chat about

2015-2019 American Community Survey 5-year Pre-Release Webinar

Learn more about the latest American Community Survey (ACS) 5-year data release.

Mastering Complex Geographies on

In this training, we show you how to select geographic components like urban and rural, find which geographies are compatible with a dataset, and more. News and Updates: November 2020

Get the latest information on the most recent updates made to the U.S. Census Bureau's new data platform, Today: A Comprehensive Overview

Learn how to search for and download data, use the map feature, and customize table views on

Demystifying the Census API

Join this webinar for an introduction and live demonstration of our application programming interface (API) in action.

Using Public Microdata to Create Custom Tables on

In this webinar, you will learn how to create custom tables using public use microdata, customize your view, download the data, and provide your feedback.


In this webinar, you will learn tips and tricks for effective searches as well as how to download, customize, and map data on

Accessing the Economic Census Local Area Data on

This webinar will provide tips and tricks on how best to access data when trying to find the information for their state and type of business.

New Updates to - December 2019

Explore the latest updates to, the primary site to access data from the Census Bureau’s most popular surveys and programs! Q & A Webinar

Join us to get the answers about and view live demonstrations on how to use the platform. Navigating a New Site for Census Bureau Data

Discover how to use, the new site to access Census Bureau data.



Our Development Depends on Your Feedback

As we continue to develop new functionalities like search by address and advanced printing and download options, please let us know what features are important to you. 

Please send your questions or comments on, Census API, or Microdata Access to

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