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Find out the latest updates about data.census.gov, the Census API, and the Microdata Access, including the most recent data releases and news.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn about using data.census.gov, the Census API, and Microdata Access. Find out what data, features, and functionality is available.

How to Use the Site

How do I get started with my search?

You have two options to start your search on the landing page of data.census.gov...Read more by clicking the title.

Data by race, Hispanic Origin, ancestry, or country of birth?

How do I access data by race, Hispanic Origin, ancestry, or country of birth? Click title to read more.

How do I save my results or search?

Copy and paste the full URL from your address bar on data.census.gov to return exactly where you were before.

How can I match the GEOID?

How Can I Match the GEOID from data.census.gov with the GEOID from the TIGER/Line Shapefiles?

How do I freeze columns in a table?

Learn how to pin columns in a table so it stays in view as you scroll horizontally.

How can I print the table or download a PDF?

In the table view, you can press Control + P (PC) or Command + P (Mac) to print the table.

How do I navigate between the different pages?

Some tips to help you navigate between the different pages on the site after you have already ran a search.

What are the preferred and supported browsers for data.census.gov?

Please be sure to use data.census.gov using one of these supported browsers...

Can I export tables?

You can export tables in Excel and .CSV format. Larger tables are limited to export to .CSV format.

How can I create a custom filter?

To create a custom filter...

How do I select geographic components such as urban/rural?

Here are quick links to some common geographic components at the state level:...

How do I access DP-1 and Quick Tables from the Decennial Census?

Demographic Profiles (e.g. DP-1) and Quick Tables from the decennial census are not available on data.census.gov. The good news is...

How do I clear the cache in Chrome?

Steps for clearing your cache in Chrome:...

What should I do if I run into intermittent responses with the site?

What should I do if I run into intermittent responses with data.census.gov?

Why doesn’t my download look like the table?

The purpose of the download functionality on data.census.gov is to provide machine-readable output that is useful if you want to sort, map, or manipulate the...

Why does my table not show all of my selected geographies?

When the returned results do not produce the expected number of geographies, it is often a result of the 1-year estimates being used, instead of the 5-year...

Learn how to use data.census.gov, the Census API, & Microdata Access?

Where can I learn how to use data.census.gov, the Census API, and Microdata Access?

How do I search by address?

We have not built the functionality to search by address on data.census.gov, but you can find...

Where can I download Shapefiles?

We have not yet added the ability download Shapefiles directly on data.census.gov, but you can download them through these easy steps on census.gov:

When I tried accessing the site, I got a Support ID. What should I do?

If you have tried accessing data.census.gov and you receive an error message that provides a Support ID, please check first to make sure that the correct URL...

How can I find data for ZIP Codes on data.census.gov?

Learn two ways to select ZIP Codes on data.census.gov, depending on the type of data you need.

How can I access 2020 Census data on data.census.gov?

The U.S. Census Bureau released 2020 Census Redistricting Data (Public Law 94-171) on data.census.gov September 16, 2021.

How can I compare Census data from 2020 to 2010 on data.census.gov?

To simplify the process to access data from the 2020 Census, we released all available Redistricting Data under one product name on data.census.gov.

How can I access Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Tabulation data?

Use data.census.gov to get the most recent EEO tables, and use an online tool or the FTP site for the full set of data.

General Questions

When did American FactFinder (AFF) go away?

On March 31, 2020, our American FactFinder was decommissioned and is no longer available.

Why was American FactFinder retired?

To fully commit to our vision for data.census.gov, and because of the great functionality that is already available there, we're putting all efforts into it.

Why am I getting the message “Data for This Table is Unavailable”?

You can often reload the page or click between different tables to resolve this message.

Are table IDs the same?

Yes. There are no changes in table IDs associated with the change to a new platform on data.census.gov.

Will I still be able to use other tools (OnTheMap, FTP site, etc.)?

Yes. You will still be able to access data from other tools such as OnTheMap, MyCongressional District, and many others.

When was data.census.gov fully operational?

The first surveys and programs were released in summer 2019, with the 2017 Economic Census and 2018 American Community Survey released in September 2019...

Why are my geographies and data values not in order?

Why are my geographies and data values not in order in some of the downloaded tables?

What is the Census API? How do I use it?

The Census Data application programming interface, or API, is a data service that allows software developers and...

The difference between the universes for the ACS, Decennial, and CPS?

What is the difference between the universes for the American Community Survey, the Decennial Census, and the Current Population Survey?

Our Development Depends on Your Feedback

Take Action

As we continue to develop new functionalities like search by address and advanced printing and download options, please let us know what features are important to you. 

Please send your questions or comments on data.census.govCensus API, or Microdata Access to census.data@census.gov

Page Last Revised - January 25, 2023
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