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Program Benefits

The Statistics in Schools (SIS) activities and materials that educators can use every year provide a myriad of benefits for schools, teachers, and students. 


Benefits for Schools

SIS activities can impact school funding.
SIS activities support a complete count of children in the 2020 Census. Census data guides how more than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to states and communities each year, including money for Title 1, special education, free and reduced-price lunches, and Head Start.

The program's activities and resources help your school year after year.
SIS is not a one-and-done program; teachers can reuse most of the activities for the 2020-2021 school year.

Materials are easy for teachers to use.
Teachers don't need any special understanding of statistics, and each downloadable activity includes a list of materials, a student worksheet, and easy-to-follow teacher directions.  


Benefits for Teachers

All SIS activities were developed by teachers for teachers.
Teachers and subject matter experts from across the country helped create and review each activity to make sure it is valuable and engaging.

The program offers a wide choice of resources and tools.
Teachers can use activities, maps, videos, infographics, data tools, news articles, historical documents and images, and more.

The classroom activities supplement the teacher's curriculum.
The activities and resources are designed to support, not replace, existing lesson plans.


Benefits for Students

SIS helps prepare students for college and careers.
Students learn how to find, understand, and use data. These skills help prepare them for future learning and careers in an increasingly data-driven world.

Students learn more about nearly every subject.
SIS activities give students real-world and in-depth knowledge about subjects like math, English, history, social studies, geography, and sociology.

The use of real-life data helps keep students engaged in school.
SIS classroom activities help children understand how their lessons in school apply to their lives. The activities use data about things that students can relate to, like changes happening in their community or the characteristics of kids their age.


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