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Bring your classroom to life with real world data. Select an activity that supplements what you are currently teaching in subjects including English, Math, Geography and History.
Increase the data literacy of your students with resources that display data in fun ways. Choose from monthly Fun Facts, 5-Minute Challenge warm-up activities, maps, videos and more.
Statistics in Schools activities are based on relevant education standards and guidelines that outline the foundational knowledge and skills students should have at certain levels.
Statistics in Schools is a free Census Bureau program that uses the data to create resources for K-12 students in a variety of subjects.

Warm-Up Activities

Warm-Up Activities


Jump-start your class with these activities. Each one takes approximately 5 minutes to complete, demonstrates the value of data, and inspires discussion about a specific subject.


Toy Makers by State
This engaging warm-up activity allows students to use their imagination to start their own toy manufacturing company based on an informative map.
What Is the Hispanic or Latino Population in Your State?
Students explore the percent of Hispanic population throughout the U.S. and identify states with the smallest and largest percentages of this population group.
A Higher Degree
For this activity, students examine and analyze the educational attainment of U.S. adults and how it’s changed over the years.
A Week of Festive Fun With U.S. Census Bureau Data
We’ve gathered a variety of festive Census Bureau data and creative SIS holiday resources and activities to spread the joy of learning with your class.
Apportionment Map
This activity has students analyze a map and answer questions about states and the amount of seats they have in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
In celebration of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander Heritage Month, students can analyze a graphic to learn about this population.
Census Word Find and Crossword Warm-Up Activities
Expand your students’ vocabulary of census-related words with our word find and crossword 5-Minute Challenges.
Center of Population Story Map Scavenger Hunt
For this activity, students use a story map, an interactive web tool with maps, text, and photos to learn about the nation’s centers of population.
Earnings by Occupation
Who earns the most, male or female nurses? Students can discover the answer to this question and more by analyzing data on earnings by occupation and gender.
Educational Attainment of Black and Total Populations by Age
With this warm-up activity, students can analyze data to discover trends in the educational attainment of the U.S. Black and the total populations by age.
Exploring Centers of Population Through the Decades
This 5-Minute Challenge warm-up activity has students explore an interactive story map to learn about the nation’s center of population.
Festive-Sounding Places
Explore fun places with holiday-sounding names throughout the country. Learn about their populations and answer questions about their geographic locations.
From College to Jobs: Pathways in STEM Warm-Up Activity
With this warm-up activity, help students learn more about STEM occupations while using an interactive data visualization that illustrates the dynamic relations
Honoring Those Who Served
How many veterans live in your state? Identify states/territories with the smallest and largest percentages of veterans in the United States.
How Many U.S. Representatives Does Your State Have?
Do nearby states have more or fewer U.S. representatives than your state? Students can have fun coloring a map while comparing state apportionment numbers.
Irish-American Heritage Month
Challenge students’ knowledge on things associated with Irish Americans with this crossword puzzle and graph on counties with the largest Irish population.
Irish-Sounding Places
Celebrate Irish-American Heritage Month by discovering places in the United States that sound Irish.
Love by the Numbers
Use our Valentine’s Day Fun Facts to find some of the answers to the clues and complete the crossword puzzle.
My Family Tree
Students can construct their own family trees and record the first census year in which they and their family members would have been counted.
National Pet Day
If your students could pick a career in the veterinary and animal care field, what would they choose? Try this warm-up activity and find out!
Population and Representation
Students can use an interactive map with historical apportionment data to discover population changes and population density for their state over decades.
Presidents' Day
With this warm-up activity, students can analyze an infographic on the birthplaces and inauguration dates of the 46 U.S. presidents to find trends in the data.
Test Your Population Knowledge With Bracketology
Get ready for population madness with bracketology! This warm-up uses our Population Bracketology game to test students’ knowledge of our nation’s population.
The Amazing Apportionment Machine
This activity asks teachers to share a quick video with students to help them answer questions about congressional apportionment.
Voter Participation
With this warm-up activity, students can discover the voting patterns of women and men in recent presidential elections.
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