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Parents, caregivers and teachers: Explore this page for at-home or distance learning activities.


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Statistics in Schools provides more than 100 activities that you can use in any year—and whenever you have a new class—to enhance and invigorate learning in many subjects. These activities are all free, and they're easy to access and use.

  • Pick a subject or grade level to see what activities are available, and get details such as learning objectives, relevant topics, and skills taught.
  • Select and download the activities you want.
  • All activities include a list of materials, a student worksheet, and teacher directions.


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2020 Activities

These activities are designed specifically to spotlight the 2020 Census and the importance of making sure everyone is counted, especially children. Activities are available for pre-K through 12th grade, English language learners, and adult English as a second language students. Activities and other resources have also been created specifically for Puerto Rico and the Island Areas.

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Find Activities by Subject

Statistics can enrich learning in nearly every subject.  Pick a subject below to find the activities that best suit your needs.

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Find Activities by Grade

Find grade-based activities for use in any school year.  Within each grade level, you'll find age-appropriate activities that cover a variety of subjects, such as math, history, and geography.

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State Facts for Students

Bring data close to home by helping students collect, analyze, and compare kid-friendly information about their own state.

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