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Looking at Numbers of Births Using a Line Graph

Looking at Numbers of Births Using a Line Graph

Activity Description


After looking at census data, students will determine the birth years of children who were aged 8 through 11 in 2019. Then they will use their data to create a line graph, with an appropriate scale and axes labels, to compare and contrast the estimated number of births in their state and in another state during each year.

Suggested Grade Level


Approximate Time Required

45 minutes

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to create a line graph with large numbers and choose an appropriate graph scale.

Materials Required

  • The student version of this activity, 3 pages
  • A computer with Internet access for each student (or printouts of State Facts for Students pages for
    chosen states)
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Rulers
  • Teacher computer with Internet access and a projector to display web sites

This activity uses the following online tool:

Teacher Notes

Blooms Taxonomy

Blooms Taxonomy

Students will use census data to create a line graph about the number of births in two states over four years.


Elementary School Math


  • Line graphs

Skills Taught

  • Creating a line graph
  • Comparing multiple lines on a line graph
  • Determining an appropriate scale


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