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State Facts

Students will learn about their state in “State Facts for Students.” They will be able to examine data about kids their age, as well as as other facts designed to appeal to young students.



What's New


Fun Facts - Check out facts geared toward the holidays using statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Infographics - Explore our latest data visualizations on topics including income, educational attainment, population growth.

Featured Data Visualization

Geographic Mobility During Industrialization, the Depression, and WWII

Students examine the changes in population density in the U.S. during three historic decades: 1920-1930, 1930-1940, and 1940-1950 to explore how these eras affect domestic geographic mobility.

Featured Document

Class Discussion: The 1920 Decennial Census Cartoon
In this activity, students examine a cartoon published for the 1920 Census in order to better understand and explain how the Census related to the Progressive movement during the early 20th Century.

Featured Activity

How Many Single Father Households are in the United States?
While completing this activity, students will estimate the number of single father households in the U.S. by exploring Census Bureau data.